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Saturday, December 29, 2018 8:02 PM


I sleep well on Friday night into Saturday. When I wake up the morning is very foggy so I delay the bicycle ride for a bit in hopes of some drying. But after a while I just take the ountain bicycle and go ride the old yacht club and back home. When I get home I water the impaties, replace the motorcycle battery (after removal for charing during ym trip), and warm up with a nice soapy shower. The mail lady, who I've become friends with, rings the doorbell and hand delivers my mail for the past month. And then I ride the motorcycle down to the main branch of the public lirary to get books for the next week. When I get home I relax for a bit and then mow the jungle that has grown on my lawn. Another quick shower and I can start sorting through the mail as the football game plays in the background. I've taken care of the tasks needed to get started again in Long Beach, so the rest of the day is spent relaxing and transferring files from the trip and updating a website or two.

Sunday morning is very foggy and I have a slight fever, so I go run/walk instead of cycling. After a shower I work on an updated grant proposal for a non-profit. During the afternoon I watch some football, trim the roses, work on a couple of websites, and read. It's a slow, recovery day.

Monday isn't too foggy so I wait a bit in the morning for the light to come up and go for a great road bicycle ride. It's great to get back on the road bicycle and I crank along nicely. After a shower I run errands inlcuding buying more carnations to plant, getting supplies to tune up the lawn mower and edger, and grocery shopping. During one of my stops I meet Person Ab_U who is studying aerospace engineering at CSULB so I give him my number and say, "Call me and we'll hang out". During the afternoon I do the laundry and take a long nap. It is a deep nap and when the phone rings at 6 pm I think it is the alarm going off at 6 in the morning. But I probably needed the deep sleep to finish off the fever.

Christmas Day, Tuesday, starts with very windy weather and some light rain. Not good conditions for cycling, so I go for about an hour run/walk again. I have no pain or discomfort in the Achilles tendon area or in either calf. A warm shower energizes me and I fix a couple of broken websites.

I get out the door early on Wednesday for a great road bicycle ride. I feel strong throughout and don't let a little wind bother me at all. After a shower I run some errands including a blood test. When I get home I start working on the Python crime mapping program that had stalled out a month ago and that I just discovered the solution last night. Thus I get the mapping going along with popups of crime time histories for each crime reporting district. At mid afternoon I stop to plant the new carnations and change the oil on the edger and lawn mower. This lawn mower is weird in that there is no drain plug. They expect you to tip the lawnmower on its side and beyond to drain the oil out of the oil filter cap. Later I work on the business plan for the carbon footprint application that came out of the Climathon back in October. We're supposed to meet with a mentor soon and everything is lagging behind.

I get out for an very early morning walk for about an hour before getting cleaned up and going to my medical facility for a physical. I tell my doctor eerything that has gone right in the past year as well as everything that has gone wrong. My doctor is concerned with my health and listens and we decide on a course of action. Thus I get a shingles vaccine immediately, get blood drawn, and get x-rays taken of my shoulders in advance of a meeting with a physical therapist. After these diagostics I go sit in a Dunkin Donuts with blueberry muffins and orange juice and relax for a bit. Afterwards I pick up the spark plug for the lawnmower and do some grocery shopping. I don't want to work on crime mapping or the carbon usage app, so I pull out the trimmers and clean up the hedges in the front yard. The front yard looks good - oonsidering our lack of water. Later I schedule out activities for January and note that I am more than a day ahead of planned actvities and tasks.

I get out for a very cold road bicycle ride early on Friday morning. I'm glad anytime that I find myself riding in the sun as opposed to sheltered from the sun by trees. The warm shower afterwards is welcome! I run some errands and clean the roses. During the afternoon I relax but then clean the hardwood floors, work on a website, and then clean the kitchen floor.

Saturday morning is very cold - 38F in Long Beach. Thus I walk to the grocery store for supplies and work on a few things before getting out for a great mountain bicycle ride once the day has warmed up a bit. I relax in the afternoon and then entertain Person M_Fl who visits later in the afternoon and into the evening.

Sunday morning is also very cold so I go for about an hour run/walk in the morning. I've slept well after I started the iron supplement (because my red blood cell count and hematocrit are so low) and it's a good workout. After a warm shower I work on some more crime mapping algorithms and then walk to the store for a few supplies. When I return home I trim the roses and another bush and clean the bathrooms and then relax with football games on the television. During the football games I'm also cooking rice and I cook more than four cups of rice - the most I've ever cooked. I think this will last a month! Late on Sunday Joe drives in from Redlands because he has two parties to go to over the next two nights. So he stops in, drops his things off, and then heads out to Avalon for his first club. (I didn't feel like going to either club, so I just finish up some mapping programming and go to sleep.)

Joe gets home from his first party at 4:30 in the morning, so he's not going to want to ride today. Thus I get out in the cold weather and have a decent ride. I spend most of the ride spinning a cadence rather than pushing hard. For lunch Joe and I eat Chinese food and then Joe wants to buy some pants and a shirt. The afternoon is slow as we watch some television and Joe takes a nap. Later we get out for pizza for dinner. Joe's friend Bob comes to visit (on their way to the big new year's eve party) and Bob and I hit it off. He's well-spoken and intelligent and level-headed. When they head off in their Lyft ride I go work on some finanical prediction algorithms and then get down for sleep.