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Tuesday, November 20, 2018 8:02 PM

Pre-Trip Week

I start Tuesday fast out of the gate creating a website for someone selling products from Ecuador. We hit it off because I;ve been to Ecuador and she saw my pictures from that trip. And her partner is Honduran and I've been there also. She wanted a website to sell her products so I found a site that I personally liked and generated a "skeleton" site so that she can take a look at it. At mid morning I go for a one hour walk but I only throw in a couple of short running bursts to make sure I don't overdo the Achilles tendon with these new shoes. I ride the motorcycle up to CSULA and we have a productive meeting and I warn the team that I will not see them after next Tuesday until next year. When I get home I watch two episodes of Weeds and then bring the skeleton website to a viewable status to let my Ecuadoran friend look at it.

I start Wednesday with a good road bicycle ride. It's not as cold as I thought it was going to be - its still chilly - and I crank along nicely even into a headwind on the way home. After a shower I return to books to the library, do some grocery shopping, trim the roses, clean and lubricate the garage door hinges, and then lose momentum. I start working on a "generic data dashboard" website that process users or market/data analysts could use to get a quick, single page view of their activities. At mid afternoon I tweak the Ecuadoran skeleton website a bit and then ride the motorcycle down to Irvine to have dinner with Person Ch_C.

I'm a bit lazy on Thursday morning, but get out fr a short mountain bicycle ride around the aquarium and back home. I'm glad that it is a shorter ride than usual since I'm tired and there is a headwind going home. And I note that it was exactly one year ago that I started to feel a bit sick before a full-on flu assault struck me. I take a warming shower, get the World Rally Car washed for its upcoming rest period, get my haircut for the upcoming trip, and pick up Subway for lunch later today. After working on finances a bit I go back to the single page dashboard effort and feel that I am within another day's worth of effort to get it showable. After I've sat in front of the computer long enough, I go out and edge, mow and trim the lawn. This takes about an hour of good physical work and I hope the lawn is ready for the upcoming trip that I will take. I grab a quick rinse-shower and put on warm clothes to help prevent a cold/flu from getting to me. The rest of the day is spent thinking about varius website upgrades, watching some of the football game, and relaxing before a busy Friday.

I start Friday working on finishing up the dashboard website and then I go walking at mid morning. Soon I am on the motorcycle to ride to the USC Keck School of Medicine to meet with people there about child abuse. After the meeting I head on ove to CSULA and meet up with the four teams working on the wateray cleanup vessel. I share with the team some recent word that people in Long Beach are getting excited about the project and that they are receiving money for new ideas. The actual meeting tiself is a bit disappointing because there hasn't been much progress made and I try to reinforce to the teams that their formal reviews and presentations are coming up soon. I rush on home on the motorcycle and work for 2.5 hours on the dashboard website and there is nothing more to be done until people want to implement it.

I stay in bed late on Saturday and finally get out of bed at 7:20 and go for a good road bicycle ride. During long stretches I pull other riders along and they thank me for the pull at the end (or turn off points). After a shower I run a couple of errands and then start making phone calls for credit cards, ATM cards, and postal mail regarding my upcoming trips. (Always good to let these people know ahead of time that there may be charges from other parts of the world that are NOT fraudlent rather than having them suspend your card in the middle of your trip.) In the afternoon I watch a last 2018 MotoGP qualifying session from Valencia and then work on some other paperwork and things that need to get done before I go away.

Sunday starts with a wet and wild Moto3 race where the winner is a first-time wild card appearance rider who manages to stay upright in very wet conditions. He'll have a full time ride next year in Moto3 and his younger brother will follow in 2020. Promising young riders! At mid morning I get out for a long walk and stop off for supplies. In the afternoon I watch a wld MotoGP race in the wet which takes place in two parts due to a torrential downpour. And my favorite riders comes home second.

I start Monday with a decent mountain bicycle ride and then make sure that I can remove my special pedals to take with me for the upcoming trip. I watch another wild and wet Moto2 race from Valencia with good results (in my opinion and in my tastes). In the afternoon I try to tidy up a number of loose ends before my upcoming trip.

I start uesday with a short mountain bicycle ride because I have many things to take care of for my trip. When I get home I pull out my travel checklist and start gathering the things on the list for packing. I ride the motorcycle up to CSULA to meet with m team and we do some motor torque and power testing before we brak up for the day. I take my time getting home because pre-Thanksgiving traffic could be nervous and jittery and it would be embarassing to have an accident the day before a trip. I start laundry and pull the battery out of the motorcycle. The battery is already five years old and I don't want it to set in the bike for a month. I put the battery on a charger for an hour or so and I'll top it off when I get back home prior to reinstallation. I've got everything well organized this time along wth the travel checklist so the packing takes some time but it is efficient. I copy some files of work to take along with me when have down time during the trip. ABout the only thing left to do is shut everything off in the house (except the refrigerator) just before I go to the airport in the morning.