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Monday, November 12, 2018 8:02 PM

Halloween and Beyond

I sleep very well into Wednesday morning and do not get out cycling, running, or walking at the break of dawn. Instead I continue to work on media buzz from the recent Climathon win and provide some references for my team's participants. The Daily 49er article comes out and though there are no pictures of me personally, there are pictures of the team and quotes from me. This is great! I run some errands and then get in a decent session with the weights - though I struggle because it has been a while since I lifted and I don't like the left shoulder arthritis pain associated with specific lifts. I ice my shoulders afterwards and vow to make an appointment with the physical therapist who helped me out with the left Achilles tendon because I completely trust him. After a shower I continue the media blitz along with cleaning the hardwood floors and I watch a super exciting Moto2 race from Australia. Again I am on my feet cheering on my favorite Moto2 rider along though he doesn't get the win but claims second place. Later when the grass dries from the morning dew I mow the lawn and clean myself up to relax and party. Today is both Halloween and the Tenth Anniversary of the Satoshi Nakamoto white paper on the introduction of the blockghain and Bitcoin into the wild. So I must party!

On THursday I have a good bicycle ride to start the day. I work on a few algorithms and websites that need updating at the beginning of each month. Later I ride the motorcycle down to Irvine to have another Korean tofu for dinner and a nice conversation with Person Ch_C. It is later than I expected when we finish talking, but today I only cruise back home right near 100 mph up the 405 freeway.

Friday starts with the first run/walk in a new pair of Asics shoes (that Joe has got me with his former employee discount). This is my firstpair of Asics ever and I take it a bit easy because the shoes do need to get broken in. But they do feel good! Later in the morning I ride the motorcycle to CSULB to meet up with the team from last week's Climathon and we distribte prize money and decide how to pursue taking the idea to the CSULB innovation lab. And then I ride the motorcycle up to CSULA to have a combined team meeting. (Can I hit every CSU campus in one day?) It's a good meeting and I think we are getting everyone on the same page by the time that I am heading for home. On the way home I driver almost hits me TWICE as he changes lanes TWICE without looking. The second time his front bumper ends up a few inches from my right knee and I just turn my head towards him and shake it back and forth. I still don't think he has seen me yet. Nonetheless I make it home safely and relax after a long day. I'm in bed for reading and sleep a bit after 8:30 pm since it has been a long day.

I start Saturday with a very early road bicycle ride with the day still dark. I've been riding with on the rear saddle bag recently just to give pcoming traffic a better alert that something is in the road. It's a good ride and I tire just bit towards the end. A warm shower feels good and I think back to this past very hot summer when I was taking cold showers to cool down after rides. I return a libarby book and stop by the Methodist Church Conscience Christmas event and talk with my Fair Trade friends, friends from Ecuador, Hnodauras, and Cambodia. I spend about 90 minutes there but I don't buy anyhting because I'm not into the bracelets and purses and wood carvings that are displayed. I whole-heartedly agree with the philosophy of Fair Trade, but I never buy any items. Afterwards I grab lunch to bring home and then watch a fun wet but drying Maylasian MotoGP qualifying event which takes me back a number of years when I was live at the event. In the afternoon I try to put together some documents in case the CSULB team wants to pursue the idea from the Climathon as a business idea. In the middle of the afternoon I find myself dancing in the living room to some EDM music as I step back from the CSULB effort and try to get motivation for the rest of the Saturday afternoon efforts.

I start Sunday morning with the MotoGP race from Malaysia (where I attended a number of years back). It's a good race even if there is not a lot of action. But the consistent fast pace means any slip and one's race is over. My favorite rider gets second while my former favorite rider leads the most laps and finally falls with a few laps to go from the constant pressure. I get out for a good almost two hour mountain biccle ride and today there are many riders due to the warm weather and extra hour of sleep from the time change. In the afternoon I finally put together a good travel checklist of items that I should take with me whenever I travel somewhere (spurred by me forgetting a few things last year). And I also put together a list of projects that I'm working on and the steps that need to be resolved to make progress. This list will be worked on starting now and during my upcoming travels.

I want to go run/walk in the morning, but I do not. I take a short walk to the grocery store and then finishing off my list and working on the codes. I take some creative breaks throughout the day to watch a fun Moto3 race from Malaysia and to run/walk for about an hour. But by the end of the day I've figured out the Goggle maps API and written Javascript to extract data from a JSON file. Two of my geek tasks are already done. (Or at least these specific tools are written and ready for use in other applications.)

I sleep horribly on Monday night and do not go cycling on Tuesday morning. Instead, I've had a good idea related to the Google maps API and the JSON script so I start working on that. And at mid morning I have completed this effort and it is working well. I take time to go lift weights and enjoy the session except for the bench press which is pure pain on shoulder arthritis. I vote and ride up to CSULA on the motorcycle and have a talk with the team leader who has finally realized that we are not living up to our committments. So the meeting proceeds with tasks and deadlines and we'll see how serious the team is going to get. After a good motorcycle ride home I relax, take care of a couple of websites, and watch the election returns.

Though I have a bit of trouble sleeping on Tuesday night, I start Wednesday with a good road bicycle ride where I feel strong throughout. After a quick shower I run a number of errands for groceries, carnations, clothes, other food, and other supplies. Not all errands are successfull and I resort back to buying some things online that I wanted to buy in person. I have a very long conversation with a financial advisor about the new bonds that I have bought and we talk about yields, coupons, maturity dates, and why the bonds appear to be wanting to give me more money than I expected. I understand most of the discussion but I don't know why the bonds want to give me more than their ield rate. Nonetheless I accept the explanation and agree to move forwarrd because the payments are in my favor. There's an exciting Moto2 race from Malaysia and though there is not much passing during the last half f the race, it is a strategic and potentially wild race. Throughout the day I relax and clean up the road bicycle after a number of irdes and don't do much geek stuff - sometimes it is best to give it a rest and start afresh.

I have a very slow and lazy Thursday. I clean up some finance tools that I have where remnant stocks and mutual funds from ages ago are still listed even if zeroed out. At mid morning I get out for a 40 minute walk and trim the roses and rake some leaves. Late in the afternoon I ride the motorcycle down to Irvine to have Thai food with Person Ch_C. When I leave Long Beach the winds are calm but when I get to Irvine the Sanata Ana winds are blowing like crazy. Person Ch_C and I have a very bland non-Thai-cooked Thai dinner. We both agree that this is not a good place to go in the future. On the ride home the winds are blowing me all over the place on the motorcycle. I keep increasing my speed - hoping that the momentum will help stabilize my path. I end up riding a fair distance just below 100 mph for that stability. And when I get closer to Long Beach the winds are much calmer.

I start Friday with a mountain bicycle ride where there appears to be no significant wind. About a quarter of the way through the ride, as the sun's heating starts kicking up the Santa Ana winds, the ride turns nasty. Now on the bicycle the winds are pushing me all over the place and when I turn north on the San Gabriel river trail I'm down one whole gear into a nasty headwind. I keep pushing along until my turnoff of this trail and get home. When I get home I certainly feel that I've been in a "pure strength" ride the entire way. I have a warming shower, start laundry, and relax a bit to recover from the ride.

I start Saturday with another mountain bicycle ride and there's still wind though not as much as yesterday. Its a big push to get home. After a shower, I take care of the impatiens, rececyle electronics and chemicals at a recycling center, stop off at Home Depot for some supplies, pick up lunch for later, and stop in at the grocery store for supplies. When I get home I try to start up the electric pump to flush the tankless water heater and it's always a pain to get it primed. But then I flush the tankless water heater and I let the flushing go for almost 90 minutes since the water coming out is fairly dirty. During the flush period I watch qualifying for the Brasilian Grand Prix with light rain adding to the fun.

I start Sunday morning slowly to let the sun come out. I grab some sample electrocardiogram (ECG) data and work on filtering it and taking Fast Fourier Transforms (FFTs) of the data to see what hey look like. I was asked by a medical device maker to take a look at their "proprietary" algorithms so I figure I better get up to speed on it. Near 9 am I get out for another good bicycle ride - three rides in three days. When I get home I watch a fun Brasiliand Grand Prix though there is no rain to liven things up. I go back to the ECG data and mak progress and come to a stopping point where I have a feel for what the data should look like. Now I just have to talk to medical device maker.

After three cycling days in a row I have a slower Monday. I get up early to work on the ECG algorithm and then walk to the store. When I get back home I have a decent workout with the weights and get a shower. I return to the ECG algrithm and then have lunch. The res of the day is a bit slow as Mondays tend to be. Though I do re-configure my website to have the omepage reflect the latest events and a subsequent page related to my summary.