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Monday, October 15, 2018 8:02 PM

Back To It

I have a horrible time sleeping on Monday night into Tuesday morning. After laying awake for a long time, I finally turn on a light and read for two hours and try for sleep again. It is idfficult coming, but I finally fall asleep. I drag myself out of bed shortly after the alarm goes off and have a decent road bicycle ride. Today is a CSULA day so I ride on up and meet with the team (and some nonn-team members also). Hopefully the team is on the right track. I rush on home and stop at Subway to pick up dinner. I'm a bit discombobulated and confused today from the lack of sleep, so I keep moving between the telelvision and small chores and some computer work to stay awake.

There's rain expected on Wednesday and I'm excited to see and smell it. I go walking for almost an hour first thing in the morning and then catch up on the news and markets. At mid-morning I have a good session with the weights and the left shoulder arthritis only bothers me a bit. After a shower I'm still waiting for the rain, but I clean the kitchen floors, the bathroom floors, and the hardwood floors and intermittently work on a statistical analysis of Long Beach crime over the past 6 years (including the effects of various state assembly bills and voter propositions to decarcerate non-violent offenders). Late in the afternoon there is still no rain. The television is on and I'm flipping between various shows and the baseball game. In early evenng there is still no rain, so I go back to semi-finishing the crime analysis. By the time that I go to bed to read and sleep there has been no rain. I'm bitterly disappointed.

I start Thursday with a decent road bicycle ride with some gusty winds. Later I ride to the Long Beach Human Trafficking Task Force meeting and then I run some errands. Late in the afternoon I prepare for the final statistical analysis of Long Beach crime, but don't quite finish.

I'm bit out of it on Friday and Saturday though I still have productive days. I am almost finished with the statistical analysis of crime and just need to write it up. I get in good workouts and rides on the two days and even spend Friday night strolling at Frist Fridays though it is sparsely attended so I don't stay long.

I sleep late on Saturday and don't want to get out of bed. When I do get up I go for a decent road bicycle ride and then watch a weird qualifying session for the Formula One race in Suzuka, Japan where its a bit wet, then dry, then wet again. I drive to a coffeehouse and work on more crime statistics ploatting and I get a lot of the writeup finished. When I return home I mow, trim, and edge the lawn and do some laundry. I'm asleep for an hour when the phone rings and it is Person Ha_KY. He's flying through Los Angeles on his way to work in Australia and he's missed his conencting flight. So he alerts me then he'll be staying at an airline-provided hotel, but we can hang out on Sunday.

I get up early on Sunday to go walking and watch the disappointing F1 race from Suzuka, Japan. Person Ha_KY is now awake and I go pick him up at the train station and we go have Japanese food for lunch. We watch a fun and exciting inaugural MotoGP race from Buri Ram, Thailand and then go for a good two hour ride on the bicycles. After getting cleaned up we go have middle Eastern food and I've got my alarm set for a Vandenburg Air Force Base launch of a launch vehicle carrying an Argentinian satellite. In the middle of dinner we go outside and look for the launch. We're lucky in that there's no serious clouds and we can see the launch vehicle taking off, the staging events, and the recoverable first stage being guided back down for re-use. As we're watching I'm grabbing people walking to tell them "It's a SpaceX launch with a satellite on it and a recoverable booster stage". The people are amazed at the view and ask me a few questions about the launch. Finally Person Ha_KY and I go back inside to finish dinner. (I alerted the waitress that we might run outside in the middle of dinner, but we're not trying to skip out on the bill.) After packing I take Person Ha_KY to the airport and I tell him LAX is very busy on Thursday and SUnday nights. Sure enough, the freeways are clear but LAX traffic is a mess.

I start Monday with a long walk. I then go get my blood pressure checked at a medical facility and then arrange meetings with a financial advisor and with Joe (who has my new running shoes). The rest of the day is a slow day as I don't quite have the motivation to finish the details of the crime statistics study.

Tuesday starts with a road bicyle ride. i feel strong at the beginning but by halfway I'm losing steamas I've battled some wind the entire time. But I finish and water the impatiens and get cleaned up to go to CSULA. Before I leave for CSULA I start to feel spaced out but feel better once on the motorcycle. When I get to CSULA I see that my team did not meet this past weekend and did not make much progress since we last met. I can see a disaster looming on the horizon for Thursday's big presentation. When I get home I watch some recorded television programs and work on the Fair Trade website and read before sleep.

Wednesday and Thursday see walks/runs in the morning, lifting weights late in the morning, running a lot of errands, helping grade presentations at CSULA, and some web development. I've decided to generate a "generic" web framework so that I am ready for any project that comes along.

I go for a walk/run on Friday morning and extend the running versus walking levels. The left Achilles tendon is showing no signs of impairment. After a shower I run some errands and then go meet with a financial advisor and we make a move and then devise a stratgey for the next month to move forward with. The rest of the day is slow, but I am taken by surprise when rain starts falling and there is lightning and very loud thunder crashing around me. Nopey would have hated the thunder, but I m excited and go stand on the proch to smell the rain and listen to the thunder.

When wak up on Saturday morning it is still raining hard enough to prevent a fun bicycle ride, so I walk to the grocery store and but supplies. I work on a website for a few hours and get in a good session with the weights late in the morning. Except for the shoulder arthritis pain, it was a good session and I should increase the weights more. In the afternoon there is a bit of drizzle falling and I enjoy the smell of the drizzel - it has been a long time since we've have had any rain or drizzle. During quick breaks working on the crime statitsics I keep walking outside to smell the rain. And later in the afternoon when the rain has quit I go for a long walk to smell the wet grass and enjoy the clean air.

I start Sunday with a chilly but great ride where my legs feel rested and strong after the three missed days. At ne point a coyote runs across the bicycle path ahead of me and yell at a nearby runner, "Was that a coyote?" because at first it could have been the runner's dog running loose. But he confirms that it was a coyote nd I keep an eye on it as I pedal past. After cleaning up some tree branches I get a shower, run some errands, and push out the Long Beach crime statistic study. I'm not sure where the rest of the day goes, but there is some baseball and some football that I watch as well as preparing more data for an extnesion of the crime study.

I get p early and finish off the crime statistics paper and publich it on the web. I work on some other websites and then go out for a very windy mountain bicycle ride. The two (of four) headwind legs make me work pretty hard and it is a good ride. My legs and entire organism still feels strong after those three days off from cycling. Despite the rain on Saturday, today is very dry so I keep reaching for the fluid bottle on the bicycle - not because I feel dehydrated but because my mouth and throat are very dry. After I get home, get cleaned up, and run a couple of errands, I go back to work on some other statistics and web work. And later in the afternoon I turn on the Dodgers game to see how they will do. (And to see if I should start thinking about trying to get World Series tickets soon.)