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Monday, October 1, 2018 8:02 PM

Into October

I'm being diligent about extra exercise and better eating this week. Thus there are bicycle rides and weight lifting sessions and at least one walk each and every day. I spend a lot of time on the Python mapping as I am very close to where it needs to be. And then Karl throws a monkey wrench into the mix and I offer to help him with his data viewing process for his milling/mining business. Also on Tuesday I vist with my team at CSULA and they are behind and our outside communication is not working out. I meet with the team (and others) again on Friday and hopefully I will have received some communiation from the team before then. On Thursday the front disk brake pads for the car arrive and I decide to change out the pads on either Saturday or Monday - whichever works out better.

On Friday morning I get out walking and then read the news and check the markets. At mid-morning I go lift weights and have a horrible session - today every lift is a struggle with the same weights as Wednesday. After a shower I grab lunch and ride up to CSULA for a combined team meeting. My team is starting to get the idea of what needs to be done. When I get home I just relax and have a light dinner. I've been tired all day.

I have a productive Saturday starting with a good road bicycle ride. Afterwards I clean the bathrooms, clean the bicycle, watch qualifying for the MotoGP race in Aragon, work on CSULA stuff, mow the lawn, trim te roses, do some reading, and find time to be a vegetable in front of the television.

On Sunday I watch a fun and exciting MotoGP race from Aragon and then get out on the mountain biccyle. Today I run into Tony, an acquaintance, and I turn around and extend my ride to catch up on his recovery from the death of his husband from 10 months ago. Later I have slow day with small activities around the house, answering questions from my CSULA team, and then I watch my Detroit Lions on national television - hoping they don't go 0-3 to start the season.

Monday starts with a long walk and then I pull the World Rally Car out of the garage to change to new front brake pads. I take my time and get the job completed without any swear words in a bit over an hour. After a shower I try to work on a website, but it just isn't happening today. I have some caffeine and other "alert enhancing substances" and start to make good progress on the website. When I've at least got to the point where I know how to conquer some of the problems, I go and lift weights and have a good workout. After a cooling shower I go back and finish off working on the website and send an email to the principal that he needs to decide if he wants me to continue from here. Before I know it the time is 3 pm and I've only had a hard-boiled egg to eat all day. So I chop up some vegetables and watch the Moto3 race from Aragon.

I start Tuesday with a strong ride on the road bicycle. After the ride I trim the roses, grab a shower, check the markets, and news, and notice that one toilet is not shutting off. So I turn off the water supply to it and do some research and find that it may be difficult to get replacement parts since it was bought during the bathroom remodel in 2006. I ride the motorcycle up to CSULA and have a productive meeting with my teams and informative discussions with other teams working the same harbor cleaning system. When I get home I reload with pasta and watch some recorded series and then go walking for 40 minutes. In the evening I don't do any web programming to give it a day off but instead send out more guidance to my CSULA team.

I don't go riding on Wednesday. Instead I go walking in the morning, do some web work, go to the grocery store for weekly shopping, and go to a coffeehouse to work. Today the coffeehouse has had its front window smashed by vandals, so only one door opens. But I get a fruity drink and make good progrss. Near noon I go to the library to return a book and get two new ones and I go home and lift weights. Its a decent session. I work on the website some more but I notice that the brdige of my nose, near the eyebrow line, is swelling and infringing on the insides of my eyes. And I recall that I was stung by another bee in the head on Tuesday's ride - this bee finding its way in the air vents of my helmet. What's going on with two bee stings in less than two weeks? When I look in the mirror I can see the swelling and hope it just causes 48 hours of discmfort and nothing worse.

I get out on the mountain bicycle on Thursday morning for a decent ride. I'm a bit tired, but I push a fair amount. Am I tired from the effects of the two bee stings? I work on the fair trade long beach website and do some reading before riding the motorcycle down to Irvine to meet up with Person Ch_C. We have a good Korean dinner and then he grabs juice and we sit and talk. Person Ch_C finally reveals the non-bad situation that he is in and now I understand why he contacted me. I'm not sure I can go along with the thread, but I'll think about it.

I get out for a long and drizzly walk on Friday morning before getting cleaned up and riding the motorcycle to the port of Long Beach offices. I meet up with almost 20 team members (students and two other advisors) for our tour of the port of Long Beach. It is an informative tour and the students are wide-eyed when they see the scale of the port operations and structures. We continue to get a better understanding of the design requirements for a harbor cleaning system related to the port of Long Beach's needs. The tour goes from 9am until noon and I'm a bit tired afterwards. Later I go for a long walk and then close out the third calendar quarter of the year with some financial record-keeping.

I start Saturday with a mediocre road bicycle ride. Regardless of the quality or speed of the rides, I just keep spinning along and go past slower riders when I come upon them and let faster riders go when they come up behind me (though this is much less frequenct). After a cooling shower I tae two books back to te library and get two new books and then do some grocery shopping. A Formula One qualifying session from Sochi, Russia is disappointing and then I take care of some CSULA emails. The afternoon is slow as I veg out with various television shows or games that don't really matter that much.

Sunday is a slow day. I watch the Formula One race from Schi, Russia and then have a decent session with the weights where I've increased the weights again. All of the lift are good except for the bench press which hurts my left should arthritis a lot. Late in the afternoon I ride a bicycle to the Fair Trade meeting and contribute to the monthly board meeting as needed.

I'm lazy on Monday and just walk to the grocery store in the morning. I do a lot of work on some personal financial calculations in the morning until I go work the abdominals and lower back and core muscles for a decent workout. Late in the afternoon I get out for a long walk in the heat and have a good sweat.