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Tuesday, September 4, 2018 8:02 PM

Labor Day Weekend

On Wednesday I get out for a long walk and trim the roses and cool down with a shower. I don't know what happens to Wednesday but I don't get much accomplished and reason that I can have unproductive days sometimes. Except that late in the day I drive down to Retro Row in Long Beach to a punk bar. I listen through the first two bands and then The VooDuo comes on - the reason that I came down here. Today there music is a bit "off" and the guitarist says his amplifier is dying. But I enjoy getting out and seeing a very cute girl in blue hair enjoying herself. And here's another case where 'm clearly the oldest person in the bar.

I get out on the mountain bicycle on Thursday morning and crank strongly along. After working on a Python script for Mr Karl, I ride the motorcycle down to Irvine to meet up with Person Ch_C. I haven't seen Person Ch_C for eight years. We have a good visit at his place of employment and talk about what we've been up to for the last eight years. And then I rush on home to relax and spend another hour on the phone with the child abuse and infant fatality expert.

I start Friday with a long walk/run where I'm cautiously running a bit more each time. It will still be many months before I should run without walking, but I'm in this for the long haul. I trim the roses and cool off with a shower and take care of some paperwork before heaing up to CSULA on the motorcycle for the year's senior design kickoff. I meet my team and some related teams and how am I going to learn everyone's name. Nonetheless we have an informative meet and greet to get started and then I rush home to pick up two new books at the library lift weights. When I finish lifting weights and get cleaned up I make a quick drive for vitamins and grocery supplies.

I get out for a road bicycle ride on Saturday morning but I don't really "have it" to start with. Eventually I catch up and pass another rider andtries to stick with me to the end of the river trail. When I get to the end he has dropped off so I wait around and talk with him a bit as he's waiting for other riders. He's from Indonesia and his girlfirend (not riding) is from Cambodia, so we have a lot to talk about. After a bit I continue on and after re-warming up I've "found it" and crank home quite strongly. When I turn the television on to watch thte reorded Italian Grand Prix qualifying Margin Call is on. So I watch that first and then watch a good qualifying session. I do some laundry and updating the Fair Trade Long Beach website as well as some financal projections before getting down to read and sleep.

Sunday starts with another good bicycle ride and then the F1 race from Monza, Italy. Unfortunately my favorite driver, expected to make up ground in his championship, has a little event on the first lap and drops to last place. He recovers for fourth place, but it's disappointing considering how heavily favored he was. At 1pm I have another frustrating teleconference with the funder and we're all getting fed up. Later I work on a Python script for my friend and listen to house music (electro house or tribal house) to keep my energy level up.

On Labor day morning I get out for a good run/walk. I've moved run in front of walk because the proportion of running is getting higher and its almost starting to feel like a real run. I ice the Achilles tendon after the run just in case though there is no pain. I don't really kow where theday goes, but I watch the Indy Car race from Sunday and do some reading and work on a new html templae for some undetermined future project.