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Monday, July 9, 2018 8:02 PM

July 4th

In some respects the last week of June is good and in other respects it is horrible. I get in three good road bicycle rides and start to re-discover my strength and the fun. And I also discover a Gaussian Mixture method which is very close to the n-dimensional ellipsoid problem that I was working on. Thus in just a couple of days I have it programmed up in Python and generating good results. I just have to figure out how to combine the "classifications" across the total number of statistics available. But I also have some bad times as some projects are not going as quickly as I had hoped for due to circumstances outside of my control. I also find myself swinging back and forth between laughing really hard at some of the books that I'm reading and being near tears for things that I see going in the world.

After Saturday's good road bicycle ride and drinking too much, I stay in bed on Sunday until 7:40 am. I get up and walk to the grocery store for supplies and watch a super exciting MotoGP race from Assen, Netherlands. Until the last two laps, there are eight riders in with a chance to win and they have all bumped and banged each other throughout the race. I update the Fair Trade Long Beach website and then take the mountain bicycle out for an almost two hour ride. Because it is near noon and sunny, there are many people out along the ocean and I have to stay on my toes to avoid collisions with people are just not paying attention. After a shower I watch an exciting Austrian Formula One race where, again, the win is in doubt until the final lap with many drivers nursing their cars home with various illnesses.

I get out for almost an hour walk first thing on Monday morning, trim the roses, and cool down with a shower. Then I work on a few things to clean up including some ice hockey statistics that are messed up, the Fair Trade Long Beach website, and the Gaussian Mixture ellipsoid algorithm. Just after 11 am I go and lift weights and then clean the shower glass as I take another shower. I enjoy a Moto3 race from Assen, Netherlands where the winner is, again, not determined until the last two laps. From there I have a quiet afternoon

On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I get in good bicycle rides and change the front tire of the road bicycle since it is about time to do so. There's an interesting Moto2 race on Tuesday that I watch. I don't go watch fireworks or go to a park concert for the 4th of July. Instead I just relax and hear all of the illegal fireworks being set off in Long Beach (despite Long Beach supposedly being a fireworks-free city).

The legs are tred on Friday morning, so I go for a long walk. It is supposed to be 105 degrees or more today in Long Beach and I'm glad that I have air conditioning. Except that near noon when the house is starting to get too hot the air conditioner only blows hot air - there is no cooling air coming from any of the ducts. I give the system lots of time to try and get started, but it doesn't happen. Thus I just have to sweat out the day and stay cool as best as I can. The repair people say that they are booked heavily now and will come out on Tuesday.

Thus on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday I get out early for alternating bicycle rides or long walks and try to drink extra water and stay cool. On Monday afternoon I go to one of the coffeehouses that I sometimes go to and work on some baseball statistics work in Python. I'm doing this to learn more Python, get the data reduction and analysis algorithms figured out, and get the displays set up (for future use).