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Monday, May 28, 2018 8:02 PM

Memorial Day

I sleep horribly on Monday night. I end up getting out of bed at 2 am and working on scraping National Football League statistics for use with the neural networks and PCA analysis (for fun). I get back to sleep at 5 am and get out the door for a mountain bicycle ride at 8 am. Today I keep expecting to turn back for home at intermediate points but I continue all of the way to the old yacht club and have a decent ride. After a shower I work on the nueral networks and PCA analysis and watch an exciting game 6 of the ice hockey playoffs which leads to a game 7 for Wednesday night.

I'm tired on Wednesday morning so I take my "secret weapon" and work on the neural networks and PCA analysis. Along with breakfast I work from before 7 am until almost noon non-stop and have made significant progress. Finally I walk to the drugstore for supplies, lift weights heavy, trim the roses, and grab a quick shower. I return to the neural network and PCA analysis and though I am making fantastic progress, when I try to solve "the ultimate" problem, it fails miserably. Thus I take the time to wash the kitchen floor and hardwood floors. I'm using a mop/wringing device which Karl bought me because he didn't think that I should have to get down on my hands and knees and go across the entire house to clean the floors. Certainly this mop/wringing device works faster and is easier on my hands and knees. But I think when I get on my hands and knees I can find every speck of dirt and get into every nook and cranny easier. So I'll probably alternate between the mop/wringing device and hands and knees occasionally. Just after 5 pm I turn on game 7 of the ice hockey playoffs (after having the television turned to the electronic dance music radio station for energy while cleaning) and watch. There is something about a game 7 in ice hockey that cannot be duplicated in any other situation in any other sport.

On Thursday I get out for a long walk and stp in at the grocery store for supplies. I then mow the lawn and lay down some fertilizer to promote healthy grwoth for the summer. After a shower I start using the newly-scraped and processed data in my neural networks and start getting super results. What's going on here? I don't yet go back to find the root cause of why the previous data was erroneous or corrupt, but I I go ahead and run the neural networks with the newly-scraped and processed data. The results are good. The results are very good! After training a neural network for a given year, I am able to predict 75% of the unused games with a point or two. This is good enough to go bet in Las Vegas, change game planes, or make personnel moves. I continue working on this effort throughout Thursday. Late on Thursday, the neighbor's son calls and asks for some help moving some heavy furniture out of the house for a final yard sale that he is having prior to renting the house to tenants. (His Mother died in July 2017 and he has been fixing things up to make it rentable.) I go help him move just a few piece of heavy furniture for the Friday and Saturday yard sale.

I start Friday slowly with a walk to the store for some supplies. Near 10 am I start on a windy loop ride on the road bicycle and stop in downtown Long Beach for a ribbon-cutting ceremony for my friend Gio's "workout parklet". Gio owns a gym or workout facility and she has managed to agree to get the city to let her extend the sidewalk out into the street and install outdoor workout facilities. I've known Gio from previous homeless events and some of herfund raising events, so I'm not about to miss this ribbon cutting ceremony. I'm on my bicycle and tell everyone to keep their distance because I'm a bit sweaty, but I schmooze with Gio and the mayor of Long Beach and city councilpeople and others as the event happens. And I finally finish my ride home with a nice warm shower.

I don't know what happens to Saturday. It starts with about an hour long walk and later some errands. Joe texts me about brunch at 10:30 so I ride the motorcycle to downtown Long Beach to see Joe, his partner Tony, and their adopted son Elliott again. And other friends. Elliott continues to grow and thrive and today I find Joe's friends intriguing and interesting as opposed to the past where I didn't feel a connection with them. Perhaps the discussions about cycling and homeless/child abuse issues today make the difference. When my parking is about to expire I take leave (as the group splits up) and I get home to finish watching the Monaco F1 qualifying. And then I turn on the EDM/dance music very loud and clean the inside of every windown in the house. The exterior will wait until Monday when the expected warmer day should make the drying go faster. With the non-standard activities on today's Saturday I'm a bit lost and only accomplish a few relatively trivial programming tasks.

I get out for a good road bicycle ride on Sunday and then watch a relativelt boring Monaco Grand Prix. The pace of the race is slow - qualifying times were 1:11 or so and the race pace is 1:20. Everyone seems to be nursing a mechanical issue with their cars or tire graining. After lunch I watch some of the Indy 500 and then start backing up data from the old computer for the new one that is supposed to arrive on Tuesday. This old desktop computer was purchased in 2009 and hasserved me well, but is getting old and slow.

I start Monday early with more programming and backing up of data. Near noon I get in a good sesion with the weighs and then wash the exterior ofabout half of the windows on the house. I'm losing steam, so I quit halfway and have lunch and eventually watch the ice hockey playoff game.