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Monday, April 23, 2018 8:02 PM


I start Tuesday working on automating some of the scripts that I've written and go run off on the motorycle to the library, the gasoline station, the voting booth, and the drug store as the script runs. It seems to be doing what I want it to do. I get in a decent workout though I have to stop half way through the workout because I think I am going to faint. But it passes and I continue on. After a shower I watch an exciting Moto2 race, continue with the scripts, and watch some of the "fake" Mark Zuckerberg testimony before congress.

Throughout the week I get in some bicycle rides, weights workouts and walking to go along with the scripting work. The Python scripting work is coming along nicely and by Friday I have decided to declare victory for that effort. I run the scripts, worked on uncertainty and convergence properties, and worked on confidence levels. I also get to a Fair Trade Long Beach meeting as well as the usual Friday CSULA meeting. For the Fair Trade Long Beach meeting I get roped in to working on their website and so I work on that over the next few days.

On Saturday I'm lazy and go for an hour walk, finish off a Python script or two, work on the Fair Trade website, and have lunch with Ruby, Joseph, and Lisa. THe hospital project that we worked on two years ago "is back" and a plan is laid out to get it into hospitals to identify and prevent child abuse. I'm skeptical and am just assuming we'll put in some work and it will go nowhere again.

I start Sunday with about a 50 mile road bicycle ride. I haven't ridden long this year so there are a couple of sections where I struggle, but overall its a good ride. ANd then I relax with the Chinese F1 race and the Indy Car race from Long Beach. Today I'm interrupted with a call from Karl's wife, Kikumi, who is in tears over discussions that she had with Karl and the "divorce" word came up. We end up talking for more than an hour and I can only offer generic advice and try to get her to look at the positives in her life (even if a divorce does occur).

It's a very windy day on Monday but I get out on the mountain bicycle with the new rear tire. Today I only ride to the Long Beach pier and back after yesterday's long ride. It's more or less to make sure that I did I good installation of the rear tire. I get cleaned up and check on the markets and ride the motorcycle up to West Covina to visit with Alex, a former CSULA student that I've stayed in touch with. I get to the restaurant a bit early and walk around and see a rave shop - a shop geared specifically for glowlights, LED-clothes, and other rave party supplies. It doesn't open until later so I hope to check it out after lunch. Alex has been having a difficult time lately having had a nasty car accident and breaking up with his girlfriend. So we spend a long time in the restaurant talking about things and tossing ideas back and forth. As we're eating lunch a group of two women and one man come in and order. When their order arrives one of the ladies pulls out a syringe kit. (Don't ask how I know what a syringe kit is.) She fills the syringe up with (assumed) insulin and sets it on the table for a few minutes. Then the man with the group alcohol swabs her arm and injects her. I thought insulin injections were always in the abdomen, but I get any intramuscular injection will do. But its the first time I've seen this type of occurrence out in the open in a restaurant. It's getting late so unfortunately I don't stop in at the rave shop and just rush on home to take care of other crises that various friends are having (including talk of a divorce by one married couple). Needles to say I don't get any serious web programming done. But that's probably good because it helps to have "creative breaks" in between sessions of geeking out.

It is very windy still on Tuesday morning, so I do not get out riding. Instead I go to the ATM and do some grocery shopping and, after reading an article about predicting the cryptocurrency markets, I download some data and work on predicting the crypto markets (in addition to the stock market algorithms that I've been working on with some success). I go lift weights with an extra set thrown in for each bodypart and its a great workout! It might still be high repetition, low weights, but the extra set challenges me. I then trim the roses and carnations and bring a number of blooms inside the house to enjoy and do a little bit more yardwork. After a shower I finally buy tickets, a hotel, and flights to Abu Dhabi for the final Formula One race of the year in November. I'll just keep going east around the globe to my usual haunts after the race.

I start Thursday with a long walk and re-useable grocery bags in hand to pick up supplies. It starts to rain half way through my walk so I am kinda wet by the time I enter the grocery store. I pick up the supplies on my list, ask the grocer to pack the two bags at approximately even weight since I'm walking, and then continue on home. I'm wet when I get home but I work on the Python cryptocurrency matching/predictions and then take a welcome warm shower. I ride the motorcycle up to downtown Los Angeles for the Green Expo at the Metropolitan Water District event in advance of earth day. I meet up with one CSULA team ad hang out with them and encourage them as the day wears on. I walk around and talk with other teams from other organizations and universities and finally I head for home. I don't want to tpay for parking on the motorcycle so I ride around the (unattended) gate without paying and home that they are not capturing license plate numbers as they claim. When I get home I continue work on the cryptocurrency matching/predictive efforts and start writing a paper to be published on my efforts. For a break at mid-afternoon I go and lift weights for the calves/Achilles tendons, stretch for the tendons, and then alternate heat, massage, and ice on the Achilles tendons.

On Friday and Saturday I get out for good hard bicycle rides and then go to CSULA on Friday and work on my own things on Saturday. I'm starting to self-publish content online at various locations and hopingto build up a following of fellow geeks.

I'm lazy on Sunday but finish up the demographics of child abuse study and publish it online. Late in the morning I get in a taxing workout with the weights and get cleaned up to ride to Hollywood for a (delayed) Thai new year festival. I wander around and get a selfie with a Thai pop star (who I don't know, but he seems pretty popular), and I run into an organization that seems worthy ofr support. I meet the two principlas of the organization who are tryingto buidl basic bathrooms, kitchens, hydeine facilities, and educational facilities for hill tribe villages in the Nan province of Thailand. (I have not yet been to the Nan province.) I have a long discussion with the two principals and metnion Engineers Without Borders and Engineers for a Sustainable World and I give them my contact information. Eventually I head for home and watch a relatively boring MotoGP from Texas. (What would you expect from Texas?) And I do some research on the Thai organization and vow to try and send them some money on Mondy and see if we can work together.

On Monday morning I wake up at 4 am and cannot fall back asleep. Is this because I went to the Thai new year festival and this is typically what happens whenever I return from Thailand. I get out the door at 6:30 am for a good mountain bicycle ride to the old yacht club and back. Throughout the day I do a lot of programming, a lot of writing, and watch a fun Moto3 race from Texas. And finally I get down for sleep.