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Monday, January 29, 2018 8:02 PM

End of January

On Tuesday it is very foggy and wet in the morning so I do not go riding. Instead I run some errands and get in a good workout with the weights late in the morning. In the afternoon the termite inspector comes and, unfortunately, they find some termites and it is time to "foam" them away. The actual foaming will take place in two weeks. Later in the afternoon and into the evening I work on writing utilities for data manipulation in Python which will come in handy later.

I get out for a decent loop ride on Wednesday morning. I'm starting to feel stronger again after the flu and the vacation rides. Near noon the carpet and upholstery cleaners come and they get things cleaned up well. I just have to stay off the carpet and upholstery for a while to let it dry. I continue to make good progress on writing the Python database and data manipulation utilities. Soon I'll get into the geocoding that we need.

I keep making progress on working out, coding Python algorithms, and working around the house for the next few days.

On Saturday, when I want to go for a long bicycle ride, it is very cold and windy, so I go walking instead. I work on some Python algorithms and put the house back together after the celaning of the carpets and the upholstery. It takes me a few hours to do this as furniture needs to be moved and wires run and little tidying needs to be done.

I start Sunday with a very cold mountain bicycle loop ride. After the first 4 or 5 miles I am warmed up though my face and fingers are still cold. Nonetheless I continue with a good ride where I crank along and finish strong. At the end of the ride I clean up the bicycle, sweep the leaves from the driveway (after yesterday's windy day), and water the newly-planted grass. The warm shower feels super and I relax a bit before updating the laptop computer and watching football playoff games.

On Monday morning the house is sitting at 59 degrees F. I turn on the heat and work on a k-nearest neighbor algorithm in Python before starting out on errands. I mail letters, get to the ATM, and buy cupcakes for the various financial advisors that I have at JP Morgan. When I meet with my financial advisors I'm slightly disappointed in the returns that I can expect, but I grab the literature to study it and help to transfer various assets from extra accounts into a JP Morgan brokerage account (for easier movement later). When I get home I lift heavy weights and I've bit off more than I can chew, but I do the best that I can. I water the new grass which should be popping up soon and relax with a warm shower. And then get back to the k-nearest neighbor in Python. I make some good progress and need to study the results to decide where to go from here. I get down for sleep and have two good ideas about the k-nearest neighbor algorithm so I get out of bed and write them down so that I won't forget about them. And I wake up a number of times during the night thinking about the problems and how to solve them and how to visualize them. This reminds me of when I was working and really interested and "into" a problem at work that I was trying to solve - the brain just doesn't shut down even during sleep.

I wake up on Tuesday and start in on the Python k-nearest neighbor problem updates. I realize that I have to reconstruct the code to perform the trimming, so I work on that and make great progress. Later in the day I get in a walk and an abdominal and lower back workout and I expect these bodyparts will be sore for the next few days.

I'm up early because I keep thinking about my Python nearest neighbor script and have ideas to try. Near 10 pm I leave to pick up some cardboard for a freidn who wants to make a "spaceship" for a child out of the cardboard. THe man that I get the cardboard from, Max, served in Afghanistan and Iraq and we hit it off. We talk about his projects that he is working on and I tell him that I can help him and I offer some ideas for expanding his ideas. I drop a book off at the library and see my financial advisor again to fill out some paperwork transferring assets. When I get home I have a one-track mind and and work for a long time on the k-nearest neighbor algorithm and the display of results at its completion. Eventually I collapse into bed reading and fall asleep with the book and bookmarks scattered about.

Thursday starts with a cold but good mountain bicycle loop ride. I feel good and enjoy the ride. After 10:30 am I ride the motorcycle to Irvine to meet up with my friend Dao who has been struggling with C-PTSD, PTSD, and depression. I provide some very harsh advice and continue to remind him that he is responsible for his happiness and future and he needs to bug the crap out of his counselors and insurance companies who are not holding up their end of the bargains. As I'm down in Irvine, I ride the motorcycle to a recreational marijuana dispensary in Santa Ana and tell the sales advisor, "I've waited 45 years to be able to buy marijuana legally and so today I'm going to do it". I buy small quantities of two strains of marijuana and a marijuana chocolate bar and ride on home. The container will stay sealed for possibly an indefinite time. But I can say that I bought marijuana legally in the state of California (if not in the USA) in my lifetime. When I get home I water the new grass which is starting to germinate, walk to the store for milk and try to pick up a ChiChi on the way, and then return home to continue with the Python algorithm results visualization. The Python algorithm k-nearest neighbor is not working as well as I want yet, but I might as well make progress on the results visualization as I think about tweaking the actual algorithm.

On Friday I start slowly as I try to work through the new Python neural networks and k-nearest neighbor algorithms. I know that I am close, but something eludes me. I get in a workout with the weights where I;ve dropped the weight a bit since I bit off more than I could chew last time. And I get a phone call from my CSULA students that we want me up to th camous soon. I get on the motorcycle and have fun high spped run up to CSULA and we have a productive meeting where, I believe, that everyone now understands their responsibilities for the next couple of weeks. When I ride home the taffic is not as bad as I expected and I get home with no close calls. At home I take care of missed calls and the go back to work on the Python algorithms.

I'm a bit lazy on Saturday morning and stay in the warmth of the bed for quite a while. And then I get up and get on the bicycle for a decent 30 mile ride. Not as far as I wanted, but decent for January nonetheless. After a shower I stop in at a local library for another book, attend the Long Beach Humand Trafficking Task Force YESS event, and then pick up gorceries and supplies for the rest of the day. Saturday afternoon goes slowly with laundry and some gardening, but I enjoythe time away from the Python algorithms with the hope that the time away will give me new ideas.

On Sunday I stay in bed late (for me). When I get up I work on the Python algorithms and then get out for a mountain bicycle ride for intervals. Today I really beat myself up and cannot quite finish the last interval that I planned. Instead I just have to crawl on home and hope for better next time. After a shower I take everything out of the garage and sweep and wash down the floor. And then I relax for a couple of hours as the garage floor dries in the nice warm sun. And finally I put everything back into the garage. THe moving of items out of the garage and then back into the garage takes about one hour each.

On Monday I wake up before 5 am and cannot sleep. So I go walk for an hour and stop in at the grocery store as it opens at 6 am for supplies. When I get home I work on my Python k-nearest neighbor algorithm which I know is very close but just seems to be off. And I work on a website for a potential customer for the non-profit and finally send her what I have thus far. All of this goes on as the termite people have returned to spot spray two locations where they saw termite droppings and then do a foam spray of a fair amount of bare wood. This is probably overkill, but it will probably be another 10-15 years before I have to make a semi-major expenditure for termite control. Somehow the afternoon passes and I realize that I am sitting in front of the television watching the national news. And then I go back and try to clean up a few things before heading for reading and sleep.