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Thursday, January 4, 2018 8:02 PM

Back Home

On New Year's day I get up and update some scheduling and financial information. When Myo wakes up he packs up his things and discovers the emblem on is nack chain is missing. So we tear the room apart three fidderent times looking for it. After an hour of searching I concolude that it is not in the room. It might have been lost in the pushing and shoving during the previous night's activities near Central World. Myo does not want to accept this at first, but he must and he finally does. I walk My out to grab a taxi and then go for a 60 minute wandering walk to explore the area (since I don't usually stay in this area of Bangkok). On the walk I make a new friend, Person G_T, who is from Buri Ram and we might hang out in the next day or so. Late in the afternoon I get in a workout with the weights - a light weight, high repetition workout since I haven't lifted weights in 23 days and I need to get back into slowly to avoid an injury or excessive muscle soreness. And I finish off the workout with an interval-type workout on a stationary bicycle. (Though it can never replace an interval workout on a real bicycle.) After a shower I go out and sit for a while and watch people go by and then I go back to the hotel for a quiet evening.

I have deep sleep on Monday and into Tuesday morning for the first 5 hours and then wake up at 3:30 am and cannot fall back asleep. When I wake up I grab a snack for breakfast and then go walking. Eventually I end up at MBK center and have a nice spicy papaya salad and rice for lunch. And then I walk back to the hotel to relax for a while. Later in the afternoon I lift weights and do some stationary cycling. I am starting to get sore from yesterday's workout but I get through the lifts and expect to be more sore on Wednesday morning. After a shower I relax some more and then walk over to Victory Monument to hang out and people watch.

I have a hard time sleeping on Tuesday night and int Wednesday morning. I have some bizarre dreams. I also have a realistic dream where it was back in the days of working. It was very realistic. That's the first time since I retired that I had one of those. I wonder what it means. At 7 am I get out of bed and start coding. I'm on a mission to learn Python. I mae super progress and by lunch time I have a semi-functional website working. I take a break and ride the SKyTrain over to Nana (where I usually stay) and have western food and then ride the train back to my hotel. I get in more coding and continue to pick up this language quickly. At mid afternoon I take a break to lift weights though I am tired from the previous sessions and the lack of sleep - just give it my best effort and not worry that it is harder than the two previous days. After a shower I continue coding and pretty much have the first layer of th website converted over from Perl to Python. I've been using Perl for many years now but get ridiculed for using such an old language. But there's more than one way to skin a giraffe and if it works with no speed penalty, then it works. But I've decided to expand out and learn Python and see if it has advantages over Perl. Later Myo comes over and we head to the tall building that was featured in Hangover 2.

On Thursday morning Myo accompanies me on a skytrain and airport link to the airport. Eventually I have to go so we say our goodbyes and I catch a flight to Taipei. In Taipei I'm sitting and walking around assuming that I still have an hour until my flight. But I head to the gate a bit early. It turns out the flight is in the final call for boarding and my Pixel phone has not updated the time for the new time zone. So I almost miss the flight but barely make it. There's an interesting Taiwanese lady sitting next to me working on her PhD in marine biology so we have an interesting discussion. I get in some sleep on the 12 hour flight from Taipei to Los Angeles but not as much as I wanted. In Los Angeles I quickly get through immigration and customs and wait for a long time for the greenline shuttle bus. It's packed, but I muscle my way in anyway and then catch the greenline to the blueline and finally an Uber back to home.

WHen I get home I have my standard practice of opening the suitcase outside the backdoor (in case I've brought any bugs with me) and transfer clothes directly into the laundry. From there I walk to the grocery store for supplies and then unpack, open the piled up mail, and try to get back to some sort of normalcy after the long trip.