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Monday October 19, 2015 8:02 PM

Cooler Weather

Tuesday starts with a good 35 minute walk before 6 am. I then get cleaned up, have a light breakfast, and ride the motorcycle to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory for a presentation. When it is my turn, I connect with the audience, explain the rationale for out testing in logical detail, and then relay some lessons learned that will prevent us from doing something stupid during the test. It is one of my better presentations. Afterwards I try to get badged and credentialed for future meetings and test support in Pasadena (where JPL resides) and then I go home. I take the road bicycle to the shop because the rear brakes are messed up and then I walk home. No time for relaxation - I ledge and trim the and mow the lawn and get it looking as best as it can considering that we have no water. After a cool shower I relax for a bit after a productive and good day.

I don't have an especially good day on Wednesday. I do manage to send off information about two action items that came out of Tuesday's review. But i struggle to get the last action item results to work to my liking. I haven't got it to give the right results by the end of the day and just go home. I also get piled on with another effort that I should try to get done on Thursday that requires some programming in a language that I do not like. When I get home I have a good session with the weights and try to change out a wiper blade on the World Rally Car. But the replacement blade is the wrong size so I'll have to go exchange it. A trivial problem, but it sums up my day and makes me feel worse.

I don't sleep well on Wednesday night because I keep waking up thinking about work problems. When I get to work I find that the one problem with the programming language that I don't like goes super smooth. In fact, it goes so smoothly that I am able to generate some videos also to explain the measurements and the problems. And then I turn my attention to the other problem and I make slow but steady progress understanding the results. I am not finished by the end of the day, but I am close enough. They day has gone by fairly quickly because I've been engaged in solving my own problems for the entire day (except for a couple of meetings). When I get home I go for a long walk and stop at the ATM and the grocery store before relaxing at home and preparing for Friday's day at CSULA where I will meet the new team of students that I will be helping out.

I have time to barely squeeze in a bicycle ride before riding the motorcycle up to CSULA, but I go for a run instead. This is the first real run since 3 September when I fell. So I start with a walk/run but everything feels good so I do more running than walking for the 54 minute effort. AFter a shower I get on the motorcycle and ride up to CSULA to meet the new team that I will be working with. We have a good meeting and head to the lab to look at various pieces and then I head for home near 2pm in the heat of the 100F day. I'm all wet from sweat by the time that I get home so I put on other clothes to walk to the bicycle store and pick up the road bicycle with new rear brake cable. But Person Ti_Ca comes home from work and gives me a ride to the store. When I get home I take a shower to cool off and relax for the day.

I start out on the road bicycle on Saturday morning. I struggle to get going a bit against a persistent headwind out of the northeast. I cross over the Whittier Narrows dam and start cranking along nicely with a bit of a tailwind. And then I start to lose energy. A couple of groups of riders pass me at 23 mph but there is no way I can stay with them today. Eventually I make it home and wonder where my energy went. I grab a cool shower and get a new windshield wiper blade, fill up the car with gasoline, and buy groceries. ANd now I'm losing energy even more. So I watch qaulifying for the Russian F1 race and then get down for a 90 minute nap. When i wake up I am disoriented, but perhaps I feel a bit better. I work on some paperwork and help Person Ti_Ca with some homework. And that's all that I am up for today.

I start riding on Sunday before the sun comes up to beat the heat. As I ride north on the Los Angeles river I see beautiful reflections of the rising sun off the skyscrapers of downtown Los Angeles. And make mention of the beautiful scenery to a few riders that I pass at this early hour. I get to the Whittier Narrows dam and see a group of asian riders heading south. But I continue north for a couple miles and then turn back south. I want to get back down near the Long Beach aquarium but avoid the Long Beach marathon runners. Near the Cataline island landing I see the Krean riders and talk with them for a bit before finishing the last 6 miles for about 45 miles. I'm worn out but start gulping water. I see that the neighbor's palm tree has dropped a 10 foot branch so I go grab it and chop it up (because I have a tree saw and she's older) and then I take a cold shower. The Russian F1 race is exciting for the different tire strategies involved and I savor my time with the race. After returning some phone calls I get to the Japanese MOtoGp race.

I start Monday with a 52 minute run/walk. I want to give the legs a bit of a break from cycling and this is a planned week off from work. After a shower I go return books to the library, get the car washed, and try to get an oil change at the Subaru dealer. But after I've checked in the service manager says that I don't have enough miles for an oil change and I might was well wait for a while. So they get my car out of the service line while I look at a limited edition version of my car. But the service manager talks me out of buying the new car because "You're car is lighter, faster, and more desireable because of the colors and wheels". But the usual crowd of mechanics, technicians, and sales people come by to see my car because it looks like it just came off the showroom floor (at 12 years of age). Thus I take my car home and start waxing it and get about halfway finished before it is too hot to continue. I watch a very fun Moto3 race from Japan in the wet conditions and do trivial activities around the house for the day. And then I watch the Moto2 race where the wet weather tires aren't going to last on the drying track. And it is also a fun race. It is only 2pm but getting hot, so I close the windows, turn on the air conditioning, and start washing the inside of every window in the house. I finish 12 of the 16 windows and think that I will finish tomorrow. But what the heck, I continue on and finish all of the inside windows (except the glass on the back door). I still have energy and keep walking around the house like a caged lion (or caged old ox) but I finally just grab some food and relax and watch the news and the football game.

I want to ride long on Tuesday, but I grab the mountain bicycle and start down the Los Angeles river. As I'm riding I see two walkers/stragglers in the middle of the bike path and despite warningas, just as soon as I pass on the left, one guy turns and seems to lower his head. My right shoulder hits his head and I'm tossed a bit to the left on the bike path. But I have enough momentum to not fall into the rocks or fall off the bike. I don't even look back to see the result of the impact except that my right shoulder took a decent hit (but feeels better as the ride goes on). When I get to the base of the San Gabriel river trail I see a gate that I've never seen before. It is heading towards the water and it is open so I ride a mile down the path to find a cafe at the very end of the trail. I've lived here 28 years and I'm still discovering new trails? Finally I crank along nicely northwards on the San Gabriel trail and get off on Carson to go past all of the young kids getting on to their classes at Long Beach City College. When I get home I gulp down some water and finish waxing the World Rally Car. I should still polish the gold rims, but I'll get to that another day soon. After a shower I go to the library for two new books and start reading one when I get home. I finally get the motivation to try and finish the deomestic violence and human trafficking website to go try "to sell it's services". I continue on my "clean one part of the house per day" that hasn't been cleaned for a while. And then I relax in the evening with a Kings game and the presidential debate and reading.

Wednesday is a very humid day. I get out for a 56 minute run/walk and am just dripping with sweat even when finishing near 7:15 in the morning. As person Ti_Ca goes off to school I fix a light switch in the house that has failed and run a few errands. By 11 am I back at home and just relaxing - and sweating. It is cooler than the last few days, but very humid. EVentually I get out and down on my hands and knees to wax the gold rims of the World Rally Car. And then I take a cooling shower and have a quiet day at home.

I wake up on Thursday morning and just turn over and go back to sleep. The activities and heat/humidity from the previous day took a lot out of me. But I get up at 7 am and get out the door on the mountain bicycle a short time later. I have a good ride to the old yacht club and I'm heading home when I see Terry, Khin, and Simon heading in the opposite direction. So I turn and ride with them for a bit until they stop and take their break at the lighthouse. And after the break I head for home as they continue on. When I get home I mow the front lawn and do a bit of deweeding near the carnations and then call it quits. A cool and cold shower feels good for todays' slightly cooler but still humid day. In the middle of the day the doorbell rings and it is Dennis - Person Ti_Ca's long lost friend. I welcome Dennis in and, at first, Person Ti_Ca just says, "I'm still mad at you. You know why" and goes to his room and shuts his door. I start talking with Dennis ad explaining why Person Ti_Ca is mad at him (and a secondary reason why I'm mad at him). After a few minutes Person Ti_Ca comes out and gives Dennis a hug and says "I missed you and we should hang out again". We certainly follow-up on the reasons that the friendship was strained a long time ago, but hopefully we can move forward and not repeat our mistakes.

I sleep horibly on THursday night into Friday morning. I'm awake from 2am until after 4 am. Nonetheless I get up just after 6 am and gor another good run/walk for 52 minutes. It feels pretty good and nothing hurts. When I get home I take out a heavy rake and de-thatch about a third of the backyard. My clothes are completely drenched in sweat when I call it quits, so it was an additional good workout. For the rest of the day I do some grocery shopping and reading and vegging out in front of the television and web programming and updating finances. I hope I am ready for a good bicycle ride on Saturday morning.

I get up on Saturday morning and lay in bed for a while before starting out on a road bicycle ride. I feel pretty good throughout and go over the Whittier Narrows dam and back down the San Gabriel river trail. Along Del Amo the city of lakewood has the city all torn up and I end up with a very slowly deflating front tire. But I manage to barely make it home without having to stop and change it. After a shower I grab a cooling shower and go to work to get a head start on a busy week. There is nobody at work and I am able to (uninterrupted) get a lot of stuff done. When I get home I change the tube in the front tire and hopefully it is ready to ride again. Later Person Ti_Ca and I do homework and then I relax for Sunday's ride - whether is is on the road bike with newly repaired front tube or on the mountain bicycle (if I'm lazy).

I take the mountain bicycle out on Sunday though I am not lazy. I ride for two hours and push the pace nicely - down the San Gabriel river trail, across the ocean trail, and back up the Los Angeles river trail. When I finish I wipe the bicycle down, cool down with a shower, relax, and then watach a tremendously exciting Australian MotoGP race. As usual, a pigeon/seagull it sitting on the track in a blind corner and gets startled and killed when the riders come up on it and hit it in midflight. Nonetheless there are passes and wild action on every lap. It's a low Sunday as I get ready to go back to work, so I do some cleaning of the bathroom and prepare lunch for Monday. And doze off in front of a football game on television.

I get to work early on Monday morning and start to feel overwhelemed by everything that has to get done before the test starts at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in pasadena. I try to work through some difficulties but the work is coming back to me very slowly after just one week off. By the end of the workday I hope that I am getting closer to a normal pace because there are many things to get done. I get on home and get caught in a surprise rain shower on the motorcycle on the way home. But the streets are dry when I get home. I lift weights for the first time in 12 days by dropping the weights for each lift somewhat and just doing as many repetitions as I can. It feels good to get started again and nothing hurts. During dinner I watch an exciting Moto3 race and then I start writing words for work to send off on Tuesday with some of the overnight simulation results which I hope turn out well.