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Monday May 11, 2015 8:02 PM

Start of May

The antibiotic does a little number on my digestive tract on Thursday night, but I sleep well. I've sent an email to work saying "Don't be surprised if I don't come to work on Friday". When I wake up on Friday I decide whether to go to work or not and finally decide not. I wait for some morning warmth and take the mountain bicycle out to the old yacht club and back. I try to breathe deeply throughout to clean the lungs and at the end I put in a one mile speed surge to try and get as deepdown in the lungs as possible before a short warm-down. After a shower I return two books to the library and get two more and then go to a T-Mobile store to try and play a game with my home VOIP phone. T-Mobile, whO I don't have wireless service with, says it will take 24 hours to see if my game will work or not (because I don't want to pay a dime for my home VOIP phone anymore). Afterwards I wax the rims of the Yamaha YZF-R1 and now I'm tired so I relax in front of the television with a free weekend of Showtime programming. Near 6:30 pm Person Ti_Ca go over and walk around at First Fridays and I run into Dennis, the guy who put the roof on my house and who I run into cycling, and I run into a co-worker. This co-worker lives nearby - I never knew that.

Saturday starts with another mountain bicycle ride to the old yacht club and with a few extra miles thrown in. I'm feeling confident enough to go longer on Sunday (provided I don't relapse). After a shower and an errand, I start cleaning bookcase which I've cleared of belongings and then I put a coat of polyurethane on it. The room is closed off with a fan blowing to keep the nasty smells localized. As I finish the effort I put the finishing touches on the motorcycle by cleaning the windscreen. Now I'm tired so I lay down for a bit and rest. I don't fall asleep, but just rest. Afterwards I watch "The Fifth Estate" about the Wikileaks story and relax after a long productive day.

I'm awake, more or less, on Sunday before 6:30 am and out the door right at 7 am to ride the road bicycle. It takes a while for the legs to get going but then I start cranking. I go north to the Whitter Narrows dam and back down the San Gabriel river trail. It seems like I'm going slow, but I'm passing other riders and nobody is shacing me down and passing me. It feels like all of the blood in my body is in my legs and I have no blood left in my brain to think - I can only turn the pedals over. But when I get homemy time is very fast and I am tired. I run an errand to the Home Depot for some supplies and then start in on some wine to celebrate the opening European race of the MotoGP calendar. Later I clean up the room where I cleaned and refinished the bookshelves though I want tow ait 72 hours for the finish to harden before putting the books back. And I prepare myself to go back to work after taking Friday off (claiming to be sick).

I work on updated an optimization code on Monday and Tuesday. Near noon on Tuesday I realize that I have messed something up fairly bad. So I go back to a previous version from a few months ago and start over with the updates. At times I let my mind wander because I'd rather be somewhere else. After work on Monday and Tuesday I lift weights (to get started again after a week off for illness or laziness) and go for a long walk. I get another phone rejection on Monday so I drive to T-Mobile to try and re-port the home VOIP number and get the service for free.

Wednesday is a good day! I put my head down and work away on the optimization routine updates and other model results. By the end of the day I've made a lot of progress and I'm ready to share the results with others. When I get home I do a pyramid lifting session with increasing weights and I feel strong. The last set is the heaviest weights I've used for a while and they feel pretty easy. Later I have an argument with a phone company as I continue to try and play a game with a telephone number and then I start working on a non-profit website that has been dormant for a while and I've decided to resurrect and generate big plans for.

Thursday is a productive day. I update the optimization routine and run through many different cases. The results are pretty good though there is an inconsistency with a co-worker that we will resolve next week. At mid afternoon I ride the motorcycle over to another building for a final review before next week's test. There are people who are picking away and threatening to not let us test the first flight environmental shield. But I take up the cause and continue to run through the logic of what we are doing and why it is correct. I have to ruh through the rationale a number of times and finally people start to agree to test. As the meeting ends I jump back on the motorcycle to visit my dentist for a regular checkup (and no problems today). When I get home I fertilize the front yard, trim the roses, water the impatiens, and get some water on the yard. And then relax - a day off from working out.

There is rain on Friday morning. I go to the grocery store and do some web work and then go running. I get out for an hour run/walk (since it is too wet to ride). This is the longest I've run for quite a while and we'll see how stiff or sore I am in 48 hours. After a shower I clean the marble in one bathroom and polish three small silver cups that are fairly tarnished. And then I go back to work on some web programming and business because it is still threatening more rain. In the early afternoon I finally put the books back on the bookshelf that I re-finished last weekend.

Saturday starts with a good mountain bicycle ride to the old yacht club with a few extra miles thrown in. Today is the Tour de Long Beach and there are many riders not obeying standard safety rules, so there are some slowdowns and cautions. But it's a good ride and I crank away at the end to get home. After I put some food out for the postal workers charity pickup, I grab a shower and get a new book from the library and do some grocery shopping. Qualifying for the Spanish Grand Prix is pretty exciting but fairly team-by-team and then I put some of the books back on the bookshelf and some cleaning and some sorting/discarding of old notes/papers that have just gathered dust for 30 years or so. In the evening I'm feeling dull and cold, so I go work the abdominals and lower back to get the metabolism burning. And then I try to do some more web programming semi-successfully.

Sunday starts with a road bicycle ride. I get to the Whittier Narrows dam intending to go further north and I notice that my rear wheel is wobbling all over the place. A quick stops it is way out of true. I even have to open up the brakes to keep the wheel from rubbing on the brakes. Thus I turn south on the San Gabriel river trail and ride a bit slower than usual for home. When I'm one mile from home I ride over some train tracks and there goes a spoke. Thus I crawl on home. It seems that the newer Mavic wheels are not as good/robust as the older ones. A decent Spanish Grand Prix produces no real surprise results. On sunday afternoon, as a continuation of Saturday night thoughts, I have thoughts of regret and doubt and realize it is time to stop working and move on with life. But I need a transition. Thus 100 working days until retirement.

On Monday I'm enthused to be at work and be productive. I get ready for the test and work on cleaning up other loose ends. In the afternoon the test article is ready and we start the test and it is behaving significantly different than the unit that we tested one month ago. What's going in here? Eventually we run out of time in the day and are left scratching our heads overnight. When I get home I have a great session with the weights and then get to work on the final phone issues. I get tied up with things and it is getting late and I haven't eaten dinner yet. SO I have a box of raisins and call that dinner. THis is good because I wanted to have a seriously healthy week this week.