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Monday April 13, 2015 8:02 PM


April starts slowly without even any funny April Fool's pranks or jokes. I take the day to process test data and start on documentation of the tests that we ran over the last week or so. When I finally get "written out" or bored, I go on home. I get in a good solid session with the weights and then go back to work on the test data and documentation. Later in the evening I watch another episode of Lilyhammer and try to figure out where I am needed for work on Thursday.

I struggle through work on both Thursday and Friday. Each morning I get to work and get a lot of work done in preparation for upcoming tests or documenting the results of the recent tests. But then I fall off the power curve in the afternoon and am semi-productive at best. After work on Thursday I get out for 50 minutes of running/walking. I'm slowly increasing the running portions of these efforts. And on Friday after work I get in a super session with the weights - the same heavy weights but an extra set. On both evening I just relax and ponder life and the future.

The day starts with a good mountain bicycle ride. I know that some of the bicycle trail along the ocean will be closed for the Formula E race (leading up to the Long Beach Indy car race), so I do intervals down the Los Angeles river and then more intervals back up the river. I also add some extra miles, but is only a 90 minute ride but hard. After I get cleaned up and relax a bit, Person Ti_Ca and I drive to downtown Los Angeles. We have a nice lunch and then start walking around to take pictures of old buuldings and to hang out with the homeless people and the junkies. I love downtown Los Angeles. But the yuppies/hipsters have moved in and there are many little bars and frozen yogurt and cofee shops everywhere. It was much better when it was abandoned. When we drive home we go buy new tires for Person Ti_Ca's car (because two are getting old and one has a sidewall problem from running into a curb). And then later I give my nieghbor a short ride to Long Beach airport so that she can join her boyfriend near Oakland for the Easter weekend and beyond.

Sunday starts with a good rode bicycle ride to the Whittier Narrows dam. From there I drag Derrick down to Long beach. Derrick has been busy at school and has not rideen much lately and relies on me to drag him along. We turn back north on the Los Angeles river unitl I have had enough and will return home. Derrick still has to get back to his home and I ride back for a 48 mile total ride. After a shower and re-hydrating and some errands I cook lunch for the week and set down for another episode of Lilyhammer. It's a slow and quiet Sunday - just what I've needed with the hextice schedule of going to JPL recently and the upcoming weeks of testing at work.

On Monday the test preparations are slow to happen so I take the time to review the expecte test results and to write another tool to help review the data. Hopefully we will get going on Tuesday. I get on home and have a session with the weights that is a bit of a struggle. The same weights and sets as the last two workouts, but it doesn't come easy. And then I go scrub one of the showers of soap scum and quit about a third of the way through. Person Ti_Ca picks up on the idea and scrubs the other shower before he goes off to study with a friend. I relax with the Los Angeles Kings' game.

On Tuesday we get a good start on the testing and breeze through the complete axis of testing. Granted it is a long day, but we get through the tests with minimal hicups. When I leave work to go home there is rain in the air and it is good to smell the rain again. I ride on home and get a bit wet, but the heavy rain doesn't start until later. Today I do not get in a workout. I am lazy. And I seem to be cold. Maybe it is a short cold or something, but I just watch the Kings' game and relax. And try for sleep early. And since I have the chills, I put on extra clothes for early sleep.

We make great progress on testing on Wednesday and Thursday. Unfortunately we are slowed down on Thursday by some test article behavior that we don't understand. We get enough cognicant people together and discuss the situation and decide to proceed with testing and examine the test article after the test when we can take it apart and not lose time. We make it through the complete test on Thursday afternoon and we'll have to debug later. On both days I have good workouts - a good run/walk on Wednesday and a good weight lifting session on Thursday where I've increased the weights again.

I everything right on Thursday - I lift weights heavy, trim the roses, and trim some trees and take a relaxing shower. Yet I wake up a number of times early Friday morning and cannot fall back asleep. Why is this?

I get up just before 7 am on Friday and get out the door for a good mountain bicycle ride to the old yacht club and back with some extra miles. Today the wind is against me (more or less) the entire way out to the old yacht club and then I get a push on the way home. I trim and mow the lawn and get cleaned up and run errands which includes getting two new books from the library. In early afternoon I grab lunch and start some cooking for the upcoming week or so. Later Person Ti_Ca flush his radiator out and replace the old coolant with new coolant for the coming summer months. Though the old coolant still looked very clean.

Saturday starts with a ride to the Whittier Narrows dam to pick up Derrick and then a ride back to the Long Beach aquarium. I end up at 50 miles for the ride and I feel strong throughout. When I get home I get cleaned up and take the radiator coolant and some other chemicals to the toxic waste cleanup place and stop in at Home Depot for some new work gloves. I watch a good qualifying session from China for the F1 race and then I watch "Rush" - the Formula One movie tha happens to be playing this free HBO weekend. For the rest of the day it is a slow day as I have a bit of a headache and don't have any real responsibilities to get done.

I mix things up on Sunday by waking at 5:30 to watch the Chinese Grand Prix (recorded). It's a close race until the last pit stops but there are good battles throughout. As soon as the race ends but before the podium interviews, I take off on the mountain bicycle to the old yacht club. And now I waiver by riding surface streets to CambodiaTown in Long Beach where the Cambodian new year's parade is happeneing. They are late getting started, but I am joined by Person Ti_Ca and his sister and niece and nephew and other friend sto watch the parade. Eventually I need to go home so I ride surface streets for home near noon. After a shower I buy supplies at the grocery store and wacth the Chinese podium celebration and interviews and relax with other events. The remaineder of Sunday is quiet with trivial tasks around the house as I prepare (mentally more than anything else) for another week of work.

Monday is productive enough as I work on trying to get the model and simulation to match the test anomaly that we saw. We have a meeting in the cleanroom and decide on a plan to disassenble and inspect the test article and see if we can find what might have caused the anomaly. When I get home I give Person Ti_Ca some ideas for a group project at school and have a great, heavy workout with the weights. Afterwards I watch the Moto3 race and relax.