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Tuesday January 20, 2015 8:02 PM

Into the Swing of 2015

On Wednesday and Thursday I have productive mornings until the meetings start and people arrive at work. (I typically get to work near 6:15 am and get a lot accomplished before anyone arrives.) In the afternoon of both days I have managers who are asking for more of my time and I tell them that we'll have to talk about this and they will have to talk with the appropriate people. After work on Wednesday I lift weights for a third consectutive day to try and get back into a routine. I have less shoulder pain with each subsequent workout. On Thursday I start to feel sadder and sadder as the work day comes to a close (Why?) and I just go walking after work and stop in at the grocery store for supplies. On Thursday after work and after the walk I put together a good set of PowerPoint charts for the recent testing that we did and am happy with the look and feel of the charts.

Friday is a decent day at work. Since I did some work at home on Thursday night, I get a bit bored at work on Friday and start getting ansty to get on with the weekend. I leave work a bit early and have a good session with the weights and then I mow the lawn. Today I use the mower to pick up the leaves under the big tree in the backyard rather than rake them manually. I get an email from my city councilman reminding me of a day of service on Martin Luther King day. (Last year we planted trees in the park but this year we are going to clean upa greenhouse at a housing project in our district.) I'm tending to skip this year's event.

The Saturday morning ride is eventfull. It is threatening rain as I start the ride. I start out and talk with the neighbor a bit before continuing on. There is police activity on the Los Angeles river trail which I slow down for but do not get held up by. As I'm a ways out my rear tire goes flat do to a good-sized piece of glass. I change the tube and start back for home since I have no spare tube. It is now raining farily lightly but continuously and I am wet but I am not cold. I continue down to the ocean and then turn back for home. When I get home I wash the bicycle, run some errands (including buying new tubes and CO2 cartridges), and then clean the glass shower door with a razor blade. (It is recommended to scrape the soap scum off the glass shower door with a razor blade occassionally.) I also cook lunch for the entire week and then settle in to watch football playoff games. It is raining lightly but continuously throughout the door and later in the afternoon I see the neighbor coming back from his bicycle ride which must have been wet almost the entire time.

There is rain most of the day on Sunday. I resign myself to no bicycle ride early in the day and instead get in a good session with the weights where I start to increase the weights a bit. I run a couple of errands and then just watch football ofr most of the rest of the day. A boring Sunday because of the rain.

I'm restless on Monday because I didn't cycle much throughout the entire weekend. I get a couple of things wrapped up in the morning and then head to the laboratory for some testing. Fortunately I'm on my feet for the entirety of the test and can burn off some of the restlessness. We finish one half of the test and after a re-configuration we'll try to finish the second half on Tuesday. When I get home I lift weights again with no joint pain and then relax for the evening.

On Tuesday I dress up and wear a tie to work. We hardly ever dress up and wears ties or suits anymore. Everyone is coming around asking me if I have a presentation or an interview. But I head to the lab to more jeers and cheers and we finish up the test. At the end of the test the test conductor says, "We all got nervous around you with the tie and tried to be really on our toes". So maybe the tie did help some. In the afternoon I work on some documents and future presentations and models. When I get home I go for a long walk, stop in at the grocery store for a few supplies, water the impatiens, and watched a recorded "State of Affairs". I've been recording and watching this series since it started a few months ago. I like the global geopolitical tone of the series.

I have decent days at work on Wednesday and Thursday as I clean up some issues and am now getting to the things on my list that I have been delaying starting and putting off for as long as possible. I again wear a tie to work on Thursday and just keep my mouth shut when people start wondering why I've worn a tie twice in one week. It is good to just let people wonder what is going on. On both Wednesday and Thursday after work I have very good sessions with the weights with no joint pain at all. Though on Thursday night my throat feels a bit scratchy as if maybe the colds and lfus that everyone around me has had is taking root. So on Thursday I take extra vitamins and promise to get extra sleep on Friday night into Saturday morning (because I still want to go cycling early on Friday morning before going back up to Cal State Los Angeles).

On Friday I have a hard time sleeping past 5:15 am (my sort of normal time to get up for work) but I stay in bed until about 6:30 just in case I am coming down with a cold or flu. I get out on the mountain bicycle down to the old yacht club and with a few extra miles to make a good solid two hour ride. After getting cleaned up and having a baked potato to stabilize my blood sugar, I ride the motorcycle to Cal State Los Angeles to meet with students working on the senior design projects. One team, working on a Baja competition vehicle, takes up about three hours of my time and I end up missing the other team. Nonetheless, I'll be getting more involved with both projects. When I get home I rake the leaves in the backyard and relax. (Hopefully only one more leaf raking session and I'll be done because the big tree in the backyard is looking pretty bare right now.) After dinner I get down on my hands and knees and clean the kitchen floor and then watch the news. Despite the extra vitamins, I'm still feeling a bit worn out and am in bed very early for reading and sleep.

I sleep well until a point and then the sleep is continuously interrupted by wakeups. I get on the mountain bicycle and do the same ride as on Friday and the legs feel good and strong. After a shower I run some errands, cook lunch for the workweek, and install a light on the back of the mountain bicycle (to replace the standard reflector). Person Ti_Ca and I go see American Sniper and I enjoy it thoroughly. I do not know the ending of the story and I do not know the intermediate actions, so I find it intriguing and enthralling. Afetrwards Person Ti_Ca goes out with his friends and I have some pasta for dinner to get ready for Sunday's bicycle ride.

Sunday starts with a ride up the Los Angeles river trail to meet up with Derrick at the Whittier Nrrows dam. Wen then go back down the river trail to the ocean and take a break near the aquarium. Since Derrick has not ridden for a while, I have to do all of the pulling. But I don't mind because it gives me a better workout. Near the end of the run to the aquarium a rider passes us and I ask Derrick, "Should we chase him down?" But Derrick isn't up to it even with me pulling, so we continue at a decent pace. Heading back towards home I go past my stp, as I typically do, to help Derrick fight the wind on his way back home. When I turn around again I see two riders going pretty fast and I pick up my pace but I cannot quite catch them. That will have to wait for another day. After the ride I want to touch up some scrapes and marks on the front bumper of the World Rally Car but I don't have the right color paint - even the "official" touch-up paint from the Subaru dealer is too dark. So I quit and vow to find the right color. And then I sit back and relax with football since Person Ti_Ca has taken off for Las Vegas with his brother.

I have a slow start to Monday. There are still the things left to do on my task list at work that I have been putting for so long because they are not fun tasks. In the afternoon I gain some momentum as people come into my office and ask for help or for some answers and I'm able to help. When I get home I increase the weights to lift and I've probably taken too big of a step. But we'll see how the joints feel in the next day or so. I catch up on finances and Cal State LA tasks, fix my electric razor that has decided to quit working (after about 15 years), and have a Metal Monday listening to old metal songs from Deep Purple, Cream, Aerosmith, and Eric Clapton.

I have a decent Tuesday where I again wear a tie to work and get people guessing. I have two long meetings with people where I do most of the talking and we come to technical understandings of the work involved to go forward. When I get home I lift weights again with the same weights as yesterday and have no joint or shoulder pain - so maybe yesterday and today's weight wasn't too much of a jump. Afterwards I watch a bit of the State of the Union address and I watch a recorded State of Affairs series that I've been watching lately.