Content-type: text/html Ray Manning

Wednesday, December 19, 2012 10:00 PM

Thailand and Cambodia

When Karl and I arrive in Thailand at 1:10 am on Monday we take a courtesy van to a cheap nearby hotel to catch some sleep. The hotel is small with the typical un-separated shower, but it is clean and had good WiFi - a good enough room for an 8 hour stay.

Thursday riding back to Bangkok and meeting up with Mr Tree.

Saturday trying to rent bicycles but walking forever instead and going to Heart of Darkness.

Monday riding bicycles and switching plane tickets.

On Wednesday morning Mr Karl and I get up and have breakfast and begin the long journey back to the United States. When I am wandering around Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok I come across a man laying on the floor surrounded by others. I snap a picture or two before I realize that he is awaiting medical attention. On the first leg of the trip from Bangkok to Taipei a call goes out for doctors or those in the medical profession since someone is in need of medical attention. And on the final leg of the trip another call goes out for a doctor since someone else is in need of medical attention. What's going on here?

When I get home I quickly unpack my clothes, put away the luggage, and enjoy being home. When I hear Person Ti_Ca coming in the house I hide and jump out and surprise him (since I am not supposed to be home for another few days). He's startled by the play and it takes him 15 minutes to recover though he is happy that I am home. But later when I explain everyone that I saw and visited I start getting the silent treatment at 7 pm on Wednesday night.