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Monday, October 1, 2012 10:00 PM

Start of Fall

On Tuesday I have a productive day though I am tired and my attitude is bad. I just try my best to work ahead and stay away from people. When I go home a bit early I expect to have a lousy session with the weights but I have a great session! I lift heavy for the pull muscle group and it feels great to complete and I feel that I could have done a bit more. After the Moto3 race from Italy I help Person Ti_Ca with homework and try to get to sleep early.

Though I am tired throughout Wednesday I make good progress at work. I am attentive when needed and I am able to explain the results of recent simulations that convince people that the simulations are representing reality and can be trusted. When I get home I go for a brisk walk and stop in at the grocery store on the way home. Perhaps I wanted to have a better workout today, I'll catch up on Thursday and today is considered an "almost rest day". I spend the evening working on web and database programming and I am finally satisfied with the structure of the database that I have and am ready to put it "into production".

On Thursday and Friday we perform tests at work and we realize we have broken something on Friday. Though the test article made it though the vibration test, the post test visual inspection showed that something had broken. So we make contingency plans to get back into test as soon as we can and gather more data. On Friday I wait outside with many, many other Northrop Grumman as the space shuttle Endeavor, on the back of a 747, is supposed to make a low altitude pass over our facility. We all wait and wait and are finally rewarded as the shuttle and carrier and two chase planes pass over and give us a great view as the space shuttle heads for its retirement home. Both THursday and Friday are heavy workouts for the push and pull muscles groups, respectively. And after Friday's workout I mow the lawn and clean the roses and feed the carnations before cooling off with a relaxing shower.

I wake up at 1:30 am on Saturday morning and I cannot stay in bed. I put on some clothes and go walking. I end up walking for more than an hour and when I return home I find Person Ti_Ca waiting in the front door for me. He has returned from his night out while I was out walking. He's mad at me since I don't carry my phone with me when I walk and he didn't know where I was. After having a brief conversation I'm getting down for sleep near 3:15 am on Saturday.

Saturday morning continues just after 7 am with qualifying for the Grand Prix of Singapore. My favorite driver has dominated the weekend thus far but can't get the job done in qualifying. He ends up in third. I get out for a ride to the pier and back and enjoy the ride despite the long middle-of-the-night walk and the lack of sleep. After a cool shower I get a haircut and run some errands. Person Ti_Ca and I work on homework for a while before we eventually go have a nice dinner in Huntington Beach.

Sunday starts with the Grand Prix of Singapore where my favorite driver drives a flawless race and gets some attirtion luck to win. Today I wait a bit to go cycling because I decide that I need to go on a hot weather ride. I ride out past the pier to the end of the bicycle trail and turn around and come home. It wasn't as hot as I expected and it is a great ride. After cooling off and relaxing for a bit Person Ti_Ca and I do homework. Later in the afternoon I finish up some web programming and release a pre-beta version to the team for some gross error and logic checking before we go out for beta testing.

I drag through Monday and Tuesday at work. I try to make progress on a few different fronts and continue to be technically frustrated by one problem that I am working on. On Tuesday I have a discussion with a manager indicating that there is unanimous support for me to take a specific position and so we talk about it for a bit. But I tell him (as I've told my functional manager) that I won't be around for launch of this satellite since I should be retired before it launches. This is met by surprise by everyone and I just say that there are Thai kids waiting for me to build schools for them. Monday and Tuesday's workouts are pretty good with very heavy weights. But I start to feel some joint pain and maybe need to take a few days off soon.

I'm a bit lost at work as many people are pulling me in different directions and my boss gets yelled at for re-prioritizing me away from someone. With the extra pulling it is hard to be productive. When I get home on Wednesday I go for an hour walk and relax. But I make the mistake of checking my work email. There's an email from someone saying that the product that I delivered a couple weeks ago isn't up to par and needs to be re-done. I am unhappy with myself and, needless to say, do not get much sleep on Wednesday night.

On Thursday I'm awake early and at my office to correct the product. I work the entire day on cleaning up the product to the harm of the primary assignments that I have (and that my boss has promised to other people). This is a tedious task and I spend the entire day getting close to a more deliverable product. When I go home I sit with Person Ti_Ca on the couch as he watches television and he says, "You're upset about something. But please don't take it out on me". I certainly do not as I go work the abdominals and lower back and, as I'm finishing up some yard maintenance I stub my left big toe in a nasty manner such that it is dripping blood. I grab a rag and some ice cubes and sit on the back porch with my toe on ice. I feel tears welling up in my eyes and I've disappointed myself (with a substandard product at work), my co-workers and boss, and just feeling bad about recent events. I mope around the house and when Person Ti_Ca syas that I should go to sleep, I do.

On Friday I sleep in until after 7 am and go out for the ride past the pier to the end of the cycling path. Today I run into George, a former neighbor who I run into regularly on the bicycle, and we ride together for a while and acth up on new bicycles and work and stuff. When I get home I edge and mow the lawn and clean up a few things. I get in a cool shower and lay on the bed for a few minutes to let my back rest. After lunch I go to the library for more books and go visit the doctor. He prescribes some antibiotics for a skin infection and so on the way home I pick them up and start in on the course. But these antibiotics suggest that you stay out of the sun or use sunscreen so I'm already planning the rest of the weekend and making sure that I have enough sunscreen around. In the afternoon Person Ti_Ca, who has spent the morning cleaning the house, goes out with a friend while I do some web programming and reading and relaxing. I get restless at one point so I drive over and have a strawberry smoothie as I read, but it's kinda boring at this coffeehouse tonight so I go on back home and go to sleep.

Saturday starts with another bad qualifying session for the Arago MotoGP race though the Moto2 and Moto3 qualifying sessions are okay. I get out for the ride down to the pier and back and even though it is early morning I've put on sunscreen since the antibiotics request that. It's another good ride! After the ride I feed the carnations and impatiens and water the roses. Person Ti_Ca and I work on homework together and separately as I have work to do and some web programming to do. Later we go out to dinner and the one item that I can eat on the menu starts out tasting okay but gets worse as I go. Eventually I quit eating half of the fettucini and just drink a lot of water. When Person Ti_Ca asks if I'm done I tell him that it isn't very good but he re-tries it and likes it. At the end of the evening I say, "At least the water was good".

Sunday starts with a long road bicycle ride. I meet up with Derrick and we're supposed to meet up with two other cyclists but they do not show up. So we go back down to Long Beach and along the ocean to the pier. And then we turn around and head for home. But on today's ride we see a lot of the faces that we typically see out riding even if we don't really know who they are. I spend the afternoon staying inside against the hot weather and watching MotoGP and Moto2 races.

Monday is the hottest day of the year! I'm glad that I'm at work in the air conditioning. When I go out to get a soda at noontime and when I walk to another building for a meeting I feel glad that I work near the ocean. I feel for the people way inland with the blazing temperatures today. I leave work late (to stay in the air conditioning a bit longer) and get in a great workout for the push muscle group. Afterwards I clean up the roses and check the fluids on Person Ti_Ca's car. After a cool shower I do some web programming and just relax. Tonight we sere supposed to see a single viewing showing of "Love Lost" - a Cambodian movie making the rounds about love during the Khmer Rouge period. But the small theatre is sold out.