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Monday, June 25, 2012 10:00 PM

Pre-July 4th Activites

The fatigue from the long Los Angeles river bicycle ride and the exstacy of the Kings' Stanley Cup win wear off as I go back to work on Tuesday. Work is hectic with people wanting test reports, presentation charts, review time, and test time. I try to work through the list of MY priorities and let others whine when their tasks are not at the top of my list. As recovery from the long bicycle ride I lift weights heavy on Tuesday and Thursday and go walking and do yardwork on Wednesday and Friday.

Friday is a day of testing at work. We are testing a set of refrigerant lines for a space-based sensor. At lower levels of input we are seeing very high response acceleration levels. Finally we decide to make a low level sinusoidal input run. The displacements that we see during the run are huge and all of us are laughing so hard at the amplitude of how much the refrigerant lines are deflecting. The resposnible engineer says that he has to go off and re-think his design based upon the huge deflections that we saw. After work I trim the front junipers and mow the lawn to get those things out of the way for the weekend.

On Saturday night I wake up about 2:15 am and cannot sleep. Thus I get up and surf the Internet. Besides not being able to sleep I'm bothered by some personality characteristics metnioned in a book I'm reading from a retired FBI personality profiler. When I've read a couple of pages of the book (the other day) about workplace violence I immediately put the book down. The first thing that popped into my head as I read those pages was about a co-worker. I'll have to have a quick think about this regarding what to do - ignore it, get another opinion, or contact human resources.

I sleep in until 7:30 am on Saturday morning and get out for a bicycle ride down to the pier and back. I had initially wanted to ride longer on the road bicycle, but the missing sleep kayboshed that thought. After a shower I get my hair cut, return a library book (but not the FBI profiler book), and stop in at Togos to pick up lunch. I start talking with the Khmer lady (who recognizes me) and I get a job application for Person Ti_Ca. The remainder of the day is spent relaxing and reading and doing little things around the house.

Sunday starts with a good long ride to the pier and back. I, again, was going to go out for a very long ride on the road bicycle, but I changed to the pier ride. It has been 18 months since I've had more than 6 days off the bicycle, so maybe it is time for a short break. After the ride I clean up the roses and water down the junipers to try and head off a spider mite infestation before it happens. A warm shower gets me to the MotoGP and Moto2 races from England where the races are okay but nothing spectacular. Except for a long walk in the early evening, I spend Sunday close to home and relaxing, cleaning the hardwood floors, and being a vegetable. Just before my normal bedtime I become disgusted with myself and a number of other things so I go out walking. I don't know what I hope to accomplish, but it is always good to out walking. I finally quit walking and go home, get ready for bed, do some reading, and go to sleep. I sleep poorly throughout the night including a bout of wakefulness near 4 am.

Monday is a turning point. I'm committed to improving myself. It is a boring day at work but I struggle through it. Near 2:30 pm my boss and my boss's boss call me into the big boss's office and announce that they are giving me a new title and a an annual bonus option. I thank them profusely and promise to live up to my new responsibilities. To continue the turning point day, I leave work a bit early, get in a heavy session with the weights with an extra set for each exercise, pull up some weeds in the front juniper bushes, and then go walking for 30 minutes. I eat healthy throughout the day and I complete day one of my new life.

Tuesday is a blah day at work but I start working on a data processing algorithm from our testing and before I know it the day is over. When I get home I jump on the mountain bicycle and get out for an extended aquarium ride. And I complete day two of healthier living.

Wednesday starts slow at work I as prepare for the upcoming trip. In the afternoon we pick up on the testing and we make good progress until we lose people for the day. When I get home I have a very heavy session with the weights and later water the new juniper bushes as they try and take hold.

Thursday is a productive day at work at the beginning and then I lose motivation. AT a reasonable time I go home, get in an almost one hour walk, take a shower, grab some healthy food, and then ride over to Joseph's house for an adoptions placement meeting. We have a teleconference with parties in Arizona and Peru and have a plan of action. Person Ti_Ca's best friend comes over late and he stays the night since he doesn't want to drive a long way home. But I'm awake and I have trouble sleeping for the rest of the night.

I don't get out of bed until 7:30 on Friday and start out for the ride to the pier and back. As I leave the house there is toilet paper over all of my front bushes and some eggs on the porch. Who would do this and why? Was it a random event? When I get back from the bicycle ride (during which I finally see the Slavic older lady riding again) I clean up the toilet paper and agree to get the eggs later. After a nice shower I start pulling everything out of the garage. Person Ti_Ca and his friend help me and we're done with the removal in no time. I wash down the garage floor and prime and paint the exposed wood at the base of the garage (on the indide). And then I wait for the garage floor to dry. A fence guy and my backyard neighbor come by right at 1 pm and we discuss replacing the original back fence (from 1948) with a new one and we have an agreement for the effort to start on Monday. When they leave I tediously replace all of the items that we removed from the garage. I am so out of energy and blood sugar and Person Ti_Ca and his friend have went to a friend's graduation luncehon, so I'm on my own and dragging. Finally a bit after 2 pm I'm done. So I close the garage door, take a cool shower, and drop off for a well-deserved two hour nap. When I wake up and regain consciousness I have dinner and then try to wash the splattered eggs off the porch. But they don't fully come off so I'll attack them with something stronger on Saturday. And I relax for the evening as I've accomplished the major task of cleaning the garage and the major pleasure task of cycling and being with friends.

Saturday starts with another long ride to the pier and back. After a shower I make a trip to the library and run a few other errands. When I come home I read for a while, mow the lawn, trim back some bushes near the back fence for access, and then read some more. Eventually I take an actifed and when I do drop off for sleep later in the evening it is good and deep sleep.

Sunday starts with another bicycle ride down the Los Angeles river, past the aquarium, and along the ocean for a while. Then I turn around and come home. I rush through a shower and head to Palos Verdes to meet up with a co-worker and his friend at the Subaru Summer Solstice event. There are many Subarus with many modifications made and many thousands of dollars poured into them. I walk around with the my co-worker for about 90 minutes and then I drive on home to watch the Grand Prix of Valencia. My favorite leads by a big margin and then his car fails. Late in the afternoon I get out for a 35 minute walk and then read and relax.

Monday is a fairly productive day at work. I quickly put together two documents and a schedule that I was going to do over the weekend and they are in people's Inbox before they arrive. We make some progress on the continuing developmental test until we get de-prioritized. When I get home I have a completely new back fence! The old fence was demolished and completely replaced in one day. Though I do talk to the contractor and ask him to check one post that may or may not be looser than the others. I get in an abdominal workout and call it a day - I'm unmotivated for any other workout today.