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Monday, April 9, 2012 10:00 PM


A blurry week. By the last workday (Thursday) there are emails floating around that I am supposed to report to the satellite program that I do not want to work on. Though it will be work, I am disappointed. The workouts throughout the week are good with an abdominal workout and three high repetition workouts on consecutive days. On THursday night Person Ti_Ca is having a bad day and I am receiving a minor silent treatment. But when I ask if it is something that I did wrong I get a head shake indicating that it was not.

Friday starts with a great bicycle ride to the pier and back. During the ride I stop some tourists to welcome them to Long Beach and we have a 15 minute dscussion. It turns out one of the guys, Person A_Pl, lives in Long Beach and I give him my number to hang out sometime. After the ride I do errands to the bank, the hardware store, the library, and to Subway. It has been a longtime sicne I ate a Subway sandwich and it tastes good. Person Ti_Ca is out with friends and we exchange some text messages. When I respond to one of his (commanding) texts with "I didn't hear the magic word", I get a terse reply back and now I know the silent treatment is on and directed towards me. Nonetheless I take a short nap and head to a newly-opened event space in Long Beach for music, art, and digital media (Hence the name MADhaus). After the first band, Spare Parts with Broken Hearts, plays I notice a familiar face and re-introduce myself to the guy runs the bicycle shop on Atlantic boulevard. We talk for a bit and then listen to the next band. After a brief setup break, The Potential Lunatics, the band that I came to see, starts in. I enjoy their music the best of all. And finally the headliners, The Dollyrots, play. One can tell that the Dollyrots have played together longer and sound more balanced, but their songs are not hard and gritty enough. I make it home just before midnight and do not return a missed phone call from Person Ti_Ca since it is so late. Just as I'm laying down to read and sleep Person Ti_Ca comes home and is mad at me "Why didn't you return my call". With my answer "It was so late" comes the full-on silent treatment.

I get moving on Saturday morning with a cold and semi-drizzly bicycle ride. During the ride I cross paths with a co-worker so we both stop and chat for 15 minutes before continuing on our rides. Te silent treatment is still on so after a shower I say to Person Ti_Ca "We'll talk when you are ready" and then I drive off to do other errands. Fifteen minutes into errands I receive a phone call from Person Ti_Ca "Can you come back now". I note that there is no magic word used again. But I respond with "I'm twenty minutes away". "Oh, nevermind" When I return home Person Ti_Ca has left to meet up with friends to go visit Universal Studios. During the middle of the afternoon I spend a fair amount of time cleaning up the bushes in the front of the house and cleaning up the roses. And then I relax. Late on Saturday afternoon I grab a book and a laptop and drive down to the Library Coffeehouse to relax and read. I get through a third of a book about Dennis Hopper before I head back for home enar 9 pm - just as the rain is starting. Person Ti_Ca stops by near midnight and we have a 20 minute discussion before he goes home.

Sunday starts very cold but sunny after the night rain. The day is warming up and I get out for a good ride. Near the aquarium there has been a "Walk for Kids" event and I stop on the way back towards home and hang out. There's a group of singers introduced as "...ranging in age from 14 all the way up to 15 years of age". Quite a wide range there. But then the master of ceremonies continues with a one minute long introduction including all of the record producers or production companies associated with the band. Really? With a group of 14 and 15 year old girls? And then they sart singing and I know the world is in trouble. The songs sound exactly as one would hear on commercial radio (if one listened to commercial radio). And it's just plain rot. (I used the term rot intentionally since I just saw the Dollyrots who are on the good guys side in the battle for music territory and creativeness.) I get on the bicycle and get out of there as quick as I can. After relaxing a bit Person T_U and I go down to the Cambodian New Year's festival in downtown Long Beach. It's a small festival nearing its end and is fairly disappointing. We probably should have gone to the Thai festival (that we've gone to in previous years) up in Thaitown. When we get back to Person T_U's house he pulls out a kite that he just bought and we put it together and try to fly it. It's difficult to fly and only when we've quit for the day do we realize that we assembled it wrong and know it will fly better next time. I've been exchanging calls and texts with Person Ti_Ca and Person A_Fl but I just go on home and start packing for Monday's trip.

On Monday Person Ti_Ca and I drive to Big Bear Lake and go directly to the mountain to ski. We rent the skis and equipment and start out on the beginner slope. Since Person Ti_Ca did so well ice skating I'm thinking that he will do well on downhill skis. And me - well I spent a few winters in Michigan on cross country skis but this is the first I've ever been on downhill skis. After a few runs of the beginner slope Person Ti_Ca and I head for the intermediate slope. I take my time and enjoy the skiing even if the conditions are mixed snow and ice. Person Ti_Ca has some difficulty and falls many times on the way down the mountain. At the bottom Person Ti_Ca is tired and sore so we call it a day. We check into the hotel and relax. Person Ti_Ca drifts off to sleep and eventually wakes up very sore from the skiing and falling.

We sleep late on Tuesday and go for a hike on a nature trail. Except for us having to rush back to the room to get the ring that Person Ti_Ca has left (and is afraid that it will "disappear"), it's a good and easy hike. Person Ti_Ca is still sore from Monday's skiing and falling so its not a long hike and we go eat Indian curry for dinner.

Wednesday starts as a disaster as we're (almost) late getting out of the room before the check-out grace period. I'm hurrying Person Ti_Ca along to get ready. And then I get the silent treatment because it was my fault that neither of us knew when check-out time was. But we head over to the Holloway Marina and get on a boat. Person Ti_Ca wanted to go fishing and I just tag along for the three hour boat ride. It is a relaxing and quiet afternoon and Person Ti_Ca is happy that he caught his limit of good-sized trout. We drive on back to Long Beach and eat dinner as we unpack and start a load of laundry.

Thursday is the first very productive day that I've had at work in a long time. Though there are meetings that slow me down, I make some good progress on various projects that I have going. After work I get in a high repetition workout with the weights and trim the roses. Midway through dinner a government investigator comes to talk about a neighbor and so we have a nice little chat. After dinner Person Ti_Ca is giving me the silent treatment again so I retreat to my bedroom to finish the Dennis Hopper book and read through investment, motorcycling, and engineering magazines. Person Ti_Ca silently leaves when the laundry is finished and I eventually head for sleep.

I have a good day at work as I help with a vibration test and try to work on other tasks. When I get home I do a high repetition weights workout and mow the lawn. When I finish Person Ti_Ca has woken from his nap but I am still receiving the silent treatment. THus I grab a shower, grab a book to return to the library, and eventually text Person A_Fl to go hang out. Thus I drive down to the aquarium and walka round the area with Person A_Fl and we have ice cream during the walk. Near 8 pm I drop Person A_Fl off near his house and go sit in the Library coffeehouse reading the newspaper. Near 9:30 I start heading for home but am not ready to face the music so I stop at a park near my house and start walking around the house. Finally just before 10:30 I get back in the car and go home. Person Ti_Ca is not home so I go to read. As I'm reading Person Ti_Ca comes back and starts packing up all of his things to take back to his house. In the midst of the packing Person Ti_Ca comes and says "I'm taking my things home and won't be sleeping here tonight" - the first words in 28 hours. I just respond with "Okay" and continue reading. EVentually Person Ti_Ca leaves and I lay there thinking about things before drifting off to sleep. Near 2 am Person Ti_Ca has returned and we have a long discussiona s I keep saying "I have feelings too and we should be trying to help each other rather than hurt each other". After 3 am we both drift off to sleep.

On Saturday I'm up after 6 am and get out for a long aquarium ride. WIth the lack of sleep over the last two days I don't have the energy or the inclination to go further. After a shower I go get the car washed and return home to wait for Ruby. Ruby picks me up near 1 pm and we drive to Calabasas to meet with venture capitalists and marketing personnel. We have a 2.5 hour meeting that goes very well - we like them and they like us. After the meeting Ruby and I grab a quick dinner and discuss the next steps. The drive home is very quaick as Ruby and I are both amazed that there is no traffic at all on the 101, the 405, and 105 freeways. Person Ti_Ca and I continue to patch things back up as Person Ti_Ca has moved his things back into his room.

Sunday starts with the long aquarium ride as Person Ti_Ca heads off for work. When I get back from the ride I do a lot of cleaning of the house as well as watching the first Moto2 and MotoGP races of the year from Qatar.