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Monday, March 26, 2012 10:00 PM

Long March

On Tuesday I get to work a bit after 6 am and find the errors that were bothering me last night. We correct the errors and get ready to make the delivery. As the day wears on I get sadder and sadder for no real reason. Eventually I leave work and get out for a windy, chilly bicycle ride similar to last Tuesday's ride with Karl. I feel strong today and the headwinds don't bother me at all. After a very quick shower I go to the UPS store and drop Karl's skis off for shipping and then I do some grocery shopping. Later in the evening I help Person Ti_Ca and Sallia with homework and then I get to sleep.

I get out cycling after work on Wednesday also in order to get rid of the stress and tension from work and to have fun. On Thursday I leave work a bit early to mow the lawn and go for a long walk.

On Friday I am supposed to go riding with co-workers, but I have a flat tire and I'm too lzay to fix it. So I grab the mountain bicycle and ride for two hours. After the ride and a shower, Person Ti_Ca and I drive to Los Angeles and pick up the ring that we bought. Afterwards we have some snack food and return home. As Person Ti_Ca drops off for a nap, I go fertilize the front and back yards to get it down before the big rain that is expected this weekend.

Saturday starts with a long walk and I get soaked on the walk. I stop in at the grocery store for a few items during the walk and the rain has quit by the time that I am leaving the store. SO I walk home and extend the walk a little bit. Qualifying for the Australian F1 race is disappointing as my favorite driver only gets sixth place. Saturday is a slow day because it is raining for most of the day and there is homework to be done. I do some reading and vow to catch up on sleep.

Sunday starts wet and very windy. Nonetheless I am ansty to get out cycling because I missed Saturday due to rain. As Person Ti_Ca finishes up getting ready for work I start out down the Los Angeles river. When I get to the mouth of the river the gate is closed and I help other riders lift their bicycles over the gate and then all of us hop the fence to continue our rides. At some point I turn around and face a very stiff headwind until I come to the closed gate again, lift the bicycle over the gate, and hop over the fence again, to contine the ride for home. There is a gusty and stiff headwind the entire way home. THough the ride is a bit slow because of the strong headwinds, I am happy to be out on the bicycle again. As I approach home a neighbor drives his car alongside me and says that his riding club did not go out today because it was so windy and just keeps shaking his head as I keep saying, "I HAD to ride today because I missed yesterday due to rain". The Australian Grand Prix sees my favorite driver climb from 6th to 2nd and that is the best that can be expected today. I do small things around the house on Sunday afternoon as the day is very cold and very windy. Sim walks over for a visit and we spend a couple hours talking about home remodel and relationships and stuff. Sim leaves and Person Ti_Ca comes for a short visit. I head for sleep and start feeling like I'm going to throw up so I'm on my knees throwing up into the toilet. I gingerly head back for bed and get some sleep.

I wake up Monday after a difficult night of sleep with a headache. Monday is just a lousy day because I make some progress at work but I don't really feel into it. When I get home I have a 15 repetition set with the weights for the first weights workout in two weeks. And then I sweep the driveway of all of the clutter from the recent wind and rains torms. Person Ti_Ca and I work on homework, watch "Desperate Housewives", and then I eventually do some work tasks, rad, and go to sleep.

Tuesday through Thursday are blah days at work. The rumors continue to swirl. It is hard to stay focused. I get out for a long walk on Tuesday after work, get out for a great extended aquarium bicycle ride on Wednesday after work, and then I do another 15 repetition set of weights on Thursday after work. On Wednesday after the ride I take the road bicycle rear wheel to a bicycle shop and get a new liner (i.e., tape) that had broken through and caused the rear tire to go flat. On Thursday after the workout I do some grocery shopping and then go to a community meeting at the nearby police station. This community meeting is relaed to trying to recover from the recent state of California decision to stop funding redevelopment. Thus we're trying to form an organization to continue the redevelopment of blighted properties in Long Beach.

On Friday I start getting calls at work asking for help. For the last few weeks I have been slow at work and not had much to do...and now everyone wants something. After work I go home and mow the lawn and grab a shower. Person Ti_Ca and Sim and I start heading to see a movie and get sidetracked by Person Ti_Ca's "We should go eat Indian food and then see the movie". I know where this is going but I just go along with it. We have a nice Indian food dinner and then try to get back to the theatre for the movie. But we are not going to make it. Thus we drop Sim off back at home and agree to try again (without dinner) on Saturday.

After dry qualifying for the Malaysian Grand Prix I get out for more than two hours on the road bicycle. The ride goes well though I feel some hopping out of the rear of the bike (after the rear wheel repair). After a shower I get out to the library to return two books and pick up another and to fill up the car with gasoline. It takes almost $50 to fill the car up. I just barely make it home and I almost immediately drop off for a 60 minute nap. After I've regained consciousness, Person Ti_Ca and Sim and I go to the theatre and see "21 Jump Street". It's entertaining and fun to laugh at, but I'm disappointed at the excessively harsh language (which wasn't really needed). Later Person Ti_Ca and I read in bed before turning out the lights for sleep.

On Sunday I start watching the Malaysian Formula One race but it is stopped due to a monsoon. Thus I get out the door a bit before Person Ti_Ca leaves for work so that I can finish the ride before the rain comes. I actually feel a few drops of rain throughout the ride but it isn't until an hour after I have finished the ride that it starts raining. After the ride I do some grocery shopping and try to watch more of the race. But my recording ends before the end of the race so I'll have to try and catch it a bit later. At times on Sunday the rain is coming down very hard - almost as hard as in Malaysia - thus I am glad that I finished the ride and don't realy have anything to d outdoors. I finally find the end of the race and, as expected due to the rain, it's a wild race with new faces near the top. My favorite, driving along comfortably in 4th, gets a puncture and ends up in 11th place after an extra pit stop. At times on Sunday the rain comes down very hard and I'm glad that I got out cycling before the weather nonsense started.

The roads are still very wet but I'm on the motorbike anyway on Monday morning. For a while there is rain on the ride to work but then it tapers off. Nonetheless I am wet when I get to work. Monday is a slow day at work though my boss and I sit down and set goals for the next year. When I get home I work the abdominals and then go to Home Depot to try and find out the repair/replacement policy for the medicine cabinet hinges that broke on Saturday. And then I relax at home as Person Ti_Ca stops by briefly but then goes to have dinner with a friend.