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Monday, December 14, 2009 10:00 PM

Pre Holidays

The Tuesday is Fort Wayne is productive. There are two meetings that take up all day and I contribute where I can. Though some governmental reviews give actions to Northrop Grumman to follow up on. After work two of my co-workers and I grab a nice Mexican dinner and then I read.

Wednesday is a return home day. Just was we are getting on the plane from Fort Wayne to Chicago a co-worker annunces that he left a piece of luggage in his rental car. He runs off and, fortunately the Fort Wayne airport is small, he is able to make it back to the flight just before they clsoe the door. We hang out in Chicago for a while and then get on our final flight. And now the fun begins.

At first the video displays do not work and the pilot annoucnes we will proceed without them (meaning no inflight entertainment). Just after being pushed back from the gate the pilot announces that a lavatory sensor has failed and we need to get it repaired. But we can't get pushed back to the gate until the part is in the mechanic's hands. Finalyl we get pushed back to the gate and, as the repair is being made, a lady announces that she is not feeling well. The flight attendants help her to the back of the plane to lay down on the floor. A nurse and a doctor onboard the flight help out until the paramedics arrive. Finally the lady is escorted off the plane. Now as we are being pushed away to fly the flight attendants are looking for someone who can speak spanish. It turns out a lady is diabetic and since we've been waiting around for two hours her blood sugar is dropping and she needs some food. From there the flight proceeds smoothly except that the flight attendants run out of food. At the conclusion of the flight, which is two hours delayed, the flight attendants announce a website to go to and I am compensated with 7000 extra miles for the delay.

I rush home on Wednesday with a brief stop in at the grocery store. Before I've unpacked everything I'm heading out for a good workout with the weights. It feels good to pump iron again after a few days off and a couple of wasted travel/meeting days.

On Thursday and Friday at work I make a pain of myself. My bosses keep coming in and saying, "You have to go to this meeting" or "You have to get this other thing done". Each time I just respond with, "Alright. Do you want me to miss the deadline on Task A or miss the deadline on Task B because I sat in your meetings or did your higher priority tasks?" The bosses do not like this answer but I persist with my, "It isn't going to happen. Get over it" response when they want everything done. I can tell that both bosses are mad at me by the end of Friday, but I'm sticking to my attempt to put them into the position of prioritizing rather than putting out fires. And I see them squirm when they have tomake a decision where a deadline is missed regardless of which decision they make. I'm enjoying this! On Thursday after work I work off some stress with abdominal work and a long walk and on Friday I rake out half of the front yard.

On Saturday the alarm goes off and I hit the snooze button a number of times. And then I stay in bed for another half hour before getting dressed to go cycling. I just do the aquarium bicycle ride today because I have other thigns to get done. When I finish the ride I put on other clothes and finish raking out the front yard. This is heavy work and even though the weather is chilly I'm sweating up a storm during the activity. After raking out the front yard I mow the lawn very short and then fertilize. I fill up two trash containers with grass clippings (one borrowed from the neighbor who is away). Afterwards I run some errands and then relax with a college football game - the first one I've watched this year. Person T_U and I talk throughout the day and decide not to go out this weekend.

On Sunday I stay in bed late. I've accomplished the things that I needed to for the weekend and it feels good to lie around for a bit and I'm physically hungover from the raking of the yard. Near mid-day I get in a great session with the weights (having decided to skip the morning bicycle ride due to chilly, windy conditions). The rest of the day is spent watching football games and working on reports and presentations for work.

There is rain on Monday and so I drive to work. And I'm told that I'll be going to Washington, DC next week. How am I supposed to get the work done before the trip where we're supposed to explain the results? I come home a shade early on Monday to work the abdominals and then to work on work reports and presentations again (with the Monday night football game on in the background).

Throughout the week I am productive at work, get in good workouts after work, and then work more on work at night. I keep telling the bosses, "You can't expect us to keep pulling a rabbit out of our hats". They don't want to hear it. I know that this time I WILL pull the rabbit out of the hat. But I have to keep reminding the bosses that they should not come to expect it. For the workouts I've increased the weights to 5 rep sets and sleep well on each and eevry night.

Friday and Saturday are blah days of rain and gloom. There are no windows of opportnity to get out cycling, so I get out waking when I can and lifting weights. On Saturday I just drill every body part to make up for the lack of cycling. I end up curling up with a not-so-good book to pass the day.

On Sunday the rain breaks enough to go out cycling. It feels good to be out in the sun and go down to the aquarium and back. On the way back home there's a cyclist laden down with full touring packs that I catch up to. It turns out he started riding on 9 September from Iowa, rode south along the Mississippi to Louisiana, then west across the southern and southwesteren states to San Diego. Now he's headed up to Oregon before he turns east back for Iowa. I ride with him for a while and talk about his trip until it is time for me to turn off for home. The rest of the day is spent relaxing.

On Monday after another productive day at work I increase the weights and drill every body part. No doubt I sleep well on Monday night.