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Tuesday, September 8, 2009 10:00 PM

Labor Day Weekend

I take Tuesday off from lifting weights and instead work the abdominals. This gives the strong anti-inflammatory a chance to build up in the bloodstream.

I have a very productive Wednesday at work. When I get home I install the "proper" kitchen lights and then go lift for chest and triceps. It's a good workout and I feel no pain at all. As a precaution I put an icy gel pack on my shoulder after lifting. (This anti-inflammatory is the one that the previous doctor gave me when I ruptured my L4/L5 discs. It worked well then and so I asked for it this time. It appears to be working well now also.)

On Thursday the temperature hits 102F in Long Beach. But when I get home it actually doesn't feel that hot. I get in a workout with the weights (with no pain in the shoulder), walk to the store, and relax for a bit. One can tell that the day was hot, but the late afternoon and evening cools down rapidly. After 11 pm I head for the airport to pick up Person T_U whose flight has been delayed four hours in Madrid. I have him clear customs and take the free shuttle bus to the train station where I pick him up and avoid having to go into the airport.

I drag through Friday at work. When I get home I lift weights (with sweat just pouring off of me) and mow the lawn before a cool shower gets me towards a relaxing Friday evening.

Saturday starts with a whacky qualifying session from Spa, Belgium for the F1 race on Sunday. Right after I head out for extended loop ride and feel strong throughout the entire ride. Today is going to be hot, so I turn on the air conditioning (for only the third day this year) and spend a fair amount of time working on final trip plans. Late in the afternoon I get out for a long walk and relax. Person T_U calls fairly late but I'm staying in toight and going to bed early.

Sunday starts early in the morning with a 50 minute run/walk. As I'm running along I see a police car stopped on Atlantic avenue. When I get next to the police car I see that a storefront on Atlantic has had its front window smashed (with glass all over the sidewalk). I continue on and follow the run with a cool shower. The Belgian F1 race from Spa is wild and my favorite driver slips through to get third place. Late in the morning I head out for the extended aquarium bicycle ride. My legs are very tired today from yesterday's ride, this morning's run, and the heat, but I continue on and enjoy the ride. Another cool shower gets me ready for the MotoGP race where one of my favorite rider falls out from second place and has to retire. Late in the afternoon I get out for a 35 minute walk and then head to a bithday party for Person T_U. I did not realize it was a birthday party until I get to Person T_U's niece's house. We have a fun time except for a certain person who will not leave me alone and wants to keep talking about 1930's Model A Fords. I have no interest in this but try to listen politely and ignore him when possible.

On Monday I check my email during work hours and discover that somebody is fraudulently using a credit card of mine. How did I figure this out? because I receive an email indicating the shipment of ten HP ink cartridges is on it's way to a shippinh company in Houston, Texas. After calling the credit card company to cancel the card I call the shipping company. I do not know if they are in on the scam or not, but they recognize the name of the person to receive the ink cartridges because she just called to see if they (and other merchandise) had arrived. It turns out she is Nigerian and the shipping company advertises as shipping to Nigeria. I wonder if they are in on it? But the fraud investigators will certainly hear about my conversation with the shippers. On Monday night I go home and try to check as many financial records as possible for other fraudulent activity before getting in a brief workout for the abdominals. Needless to say on Monday night I wake up near 3 am and cannot sleep. So I get up and check for more fraudulent activity before heading back to bed to read and try to sleep again.

Tuesday is another scorching day of temperatures. I make myself productive at work until the end of the day when the air conditioning appears to quit working. I ride on over to a place to get a visa to visit the People's Republic of China and then I rush on home to get in a good, heavy workout. After the workout I use my oven for the very first time on a frozen pizza. After cooking the pizza it takes me a while to figure out how to turn the oven off, just as I'm starting to think that I'll never get it turned off.

Wednesday is a semi-productive day at work. Afterwards I rush home, lift heavy weights, and work in the yard a bit. By the time that I've cooled down with a cool shower there are text messages that I answer. Person Undefined (to protect the identity) wants to come over but doesn't quite say it. I've responded to three consecutive text messages with "Whatever you want". This is surprisingly and shockingly met with a response text that says, "I hate ur guts..ur such an ass...don't wanna c u nemore...have a good f$*#ing life...I hate u I hate u...I'm so f&*#ing hate u.." I don't know where this came from since it is completely out of character for Person Undefined. Nonetheless I try one text messgae to defuse the situation but it's met with, "Whatever dude". After having good sleep I wake up at 3 in the morning trying to comprehend the completely out of character response and text message. I wonder if something else is going on in Person Undefined's life. I eventually fall asleep but the situation stays on my mind throught Thursday at work.

Thursday isn't very productive at work. I get home and have a great heavy session with the weights and do a lot of paperwork and record-keeping homework. And continue to wonder about the text message and the out of character response. I do not understand it at all.

Friday starts with a long run/walk. Because it is hot and humid I am dripping with sweat by the time that I have finished the run. There appears to be not a single square inch of dry shirt left. A cool shower gets my body temperature down. The day continues with many errands: the laundry, returning inappropriate kitchen lights to the Home Depot, a haircut, a visit to the acupuncturist, and some grocery shopping. After lunch and during the mid-day heat I get out for the extended aquarium bicycle ride. I'm slow today, but I enjoy the ride anyway. I'm all sweaty now, so I mow the lawn and get really dirty. As I take another cool shower to get cleaned up and to cool off I finally turn the air conditioning on - the 5th day that I've used the AC this year. It's a slow night though I do see some cool old Beatles video clips as various stations start celebrating the release of Rock Band with the Beatles.

On Saturday I was planning on a long bicycle ride, but it isn't going to happen - I am so physically hungover from the previous day. I get up and check out the qualifying results for the MotoGP and 250cc roadraces in Italy and then go try to fix a cordless weed wacker. I like the cordless weed wacker but a lead from the motor keeps breaking off - so I have to keep taking it apart and re-soldering it and trying to wrap it in glue and/or tape to prevent it from breaking again. (And yet, I had a corded weed wacker before this that lasted 20 years before I decided to get the cordless one.) I've done this a few times and I must not be thinking, because before you know it the weed wacker is running and grinding up the skin on my left wrist. I immediately put ice on the wrist and hope that I do not have to take a trip to the emergency room. After the ice I spread an antibiotic/antiseptic cream on it. In conjunction with the previous text message that I received as well as a few more saying, "This is the last text message I'll send u", At mid-morning I dress the wound which does not appear to be bleeding and start out for the extended aquarium ride. It's a good ride and a cool shower afterwards refreshes me.

Saturday afternoon is spent cleaning out a bedroom that was used for storage space during the kitchen remodel. By the end of the afternoon everything is straightened up and it only needs the hardwood floor swept and cleaned a bit to be ready for whatever it will be used for. Late in the evening I do a supplemental workout for my triceps and biceps, grab a cool soapy shower, and head up to West Hollywood to party.

Person T_U and I arrive at various clubs near 11:15 pm. We wander back and forth between two clubs where varous Labor Day celebrations are starting. As we walk back into the first club at 12:30 I see Person D_X and his friend and then, shockingly, I see Person N_V. Person N_V had dropped off the face of the earth. Person N_V appears to give me a once over but we both go our separate ways. The music is good tonight even if I'm a bit tired and bored. We finally decide to leave just before 2 am and my lights go out for sleep at 3 am on Sunday morning.

Sunday starts productively with work on the roses and carnations and then finsihing the cleaning of the spare bedroom. I get out for the extended aquarium ride and feel fairly strong throughout the ride. After a cool shower I watch the MotoGP and 250cc races from Italy. My favorite rider wins the MotoGP race but my favorite 250cc rider crashes out of 8th place with 5 laps to go. The afternoon is slow as I waffle in and out of consciousness.

Labor Day starts slowly as I reset the alarm clock and sleep until 8 am. After a few little things around the house I receive a phone call from Person Undefined to talk about the text message and etcetera. I still do not quite know what set the events in motion, but I'm not going to worry about it. After the call I get out for the extended aquarium bicycle ride again. I stop and talk with three people from Japan who are studying English in Redondo Beach for a few months. I just have a little casual conversation as they walk along and as I pedal slowly along. Finally I leave them with "Please enjoy your visit here". I like to stop and talk with visitors from other countries and see where they have visited and if they like it.