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Monday, June 29, 2009 10:00 PM

Kitchen Demolition

On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I come home after work, get in good workouts with the weights as I continue recovering from the flu (or whatever it was), and then start emptying the kitchen of all of its contents. I find some things tucked away in cabinets that I have not seen in years. And had assumed that they were lost. By Wednesday my cough is almost non-existent thanks to the antibiotics provided by Nurse M_Fl.

On Friday after work I rush home to do laundry and finish emptying the kitchen. Person M_Fl comes over and we have a nice visit before he heads for home (unimpeded now by traffic). I get in a great workout with the weights and do some reading before sleep.

Qualifying for the British Grand Prix on Saturday morning is very exciting as my favorite driver barely takes the pole. Three drivers have traded the best time until he snatches the pole before his tires go away. There are always a few more things to do or to empty out, so I spend early Saturday morning doing this for the kitchen. Near 10 am a giant dumpster shows up followed by the kitchen contractor and helpers. With the kitchen sealed off, the workers bang their way to an empty room. I spend the time working on documents for work. It's been drizzling a bit today, so it is not conducive to a fun bicycle ride yet. Just after 1 pm I get out for the extended aquarium bicycle ride and manage to make it home just as the contractors are quitting for the day. Except for the removal of the floor, the kitchen is now gutted. The surprise of the demolition was the discovery of a nice 3 panel pocket door that was covered up as can be seen from the before and gutted pictures below.

On Saturday night I get in another good session with the weights. And that pretty much does it. Though I mentioned going out clubbing with Person T_U and others, it isn't going to happen tonight. Instead I get to bed early to read and then have very very deep sleep.

On Sunday I'm up to check the weather and a few websites before I head out for the extended loop ride. It's a good ride and I pull another cyclist or two along for a while until even they have to drop off. The British Grand Prix is a bit dull but my favorite driver dominates the proceedings and wins easily. In the mid afternoon I clean up after the demolition crew a bit to protect the hardwood floors and bedroom carpet.

During the week I get into a pattern of work, cme home and talk with the contractor and see of any surpirses or needs, get in a good workout (as I start to get into it following the flu), walk to the grocery store for a cold drink, and then relax. On one of the days the contractor shows me a letter that he found in my walls from 1952. The neighbor lady confirms that the first names addressed to in the letter were the original owners of the house (when it was first built in 1948). The letter must have fallen through some crack and has been sitting around for 47 years. (Actually it is only the first page of the multi-page letter.)

On Thursday I get a text message from Person M_Fl wanting to take a shower at my house because there is construction at his apartment, I text back, "I won't know if I have hot water at my house until I get home at 5:45. I'll let you know then". All of the construction happens everywhere simultaneously. When I get home there is hot water, so Person M_Fl comes over very late after work and we hang out and then he takes his shower and goes home.

Friday is an off day, so I follow qualifying for the Dutch TT at Assen (The Cathedral of Speed), work on the roses and carnstions (that I've neglected for a couple of weeks), and then go out cycling. When I return there is no water at all, so I just cool down and hang out for a while. At mid-afternoon I get out and mow, edge, and trim the lawn and now the cold and hot water is available. I'm tired, so I lay on the couch for a while and try to avoid Michael Jackson news. Finally I get up and have another great session with the weights - yesterday and today I've started upping the weights again towards levels prior to the flu. And now I'm done for the day!

Saturday starts with the loop ride. It starts off well and I keep up a good pace and the, suddenly, my pace drops off. Just as I'm thinking of extending the ride my pace drops. Thus I just head for home. I run a few errands which includes ordering some special tile. As I'm doing the laundry I start dropping off so I just keep saying to myself, "Only a few more minutes and you can collapse into bed". Thus when the laundry is finished I drop off for a 90 minute nap. It takes a while to recover, but I eventually get in a great session with the weights.

I head for clubs in West Hollywood and hang out. There's a former ice hockey teammate that I talk with for a while. When I'm getting my drink of Red Bull and 7-Up, the bartended tries to say they are out of Red Bull and push a different energy drink off on me. These other energy drinks are horrible so I point across the bar at the Red Bull can. He says, "That must be the last one. But they taste the same." To prove his point he pours me some f the substitute energy drink and I taste it and it isn't even close. So I just say to the bartended, "Red Bull: Accept no substsitute." He gets the message and he also gets a 42 tip (for a $3 drink. Just as I'm ready to head over to the designated club for the night I run into a co-worker. So now we engage in a long set of discussions about things - but most important very little work talk. I meet new people, Person C_Ma and Person E_Ma, and we hang out for a while. At 12:30 I'm headed for the designated club when I run into acquaintances who tell me that club is boring tonight. So I head over to a third club and push and shove my way until I find C_Ma and E_Ma again - but not before dunning into Person D_X. I give Person D_X my phone number again because he lost his phone a few months ago. We hang out for a while until C_Ma and E_Ma leave because they are heading for Magic Mountain on Sunday morning. I'm leaving the club just before 2 am and heading for home.

Sunday is a slow day. I get out for an extended aquarium ride where I'm slow to start with but pick up speed as the ride goes on. Before I take a shower I'm replacing the old rear tire of the mountain bicycle with a brand new tire (preventatively) and then I get a nice shower. There's a trip to a Home Depot to return some tile before the 250cc and MotoGP races from Assen - the Cathedral of Speed. The 250cc is very exciting but the MotoGP isn't close.