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Tuesday, March 31, 2009 10:00 PM

End of March

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are busy days of work, working out, and after work meetings. On Tuesday I meet with kitchen cabinet people, on Wednesday I meet with a community group to discuss a park situation, and on Thursday I meet with the ResourceScout people. At the Wednesday meeting the city councilperson is present and she cringes when I get up to say a few words about our loss of open space and parkland over the twenty odd years that I've lived in Long Beach. She and I are on opposite sides of this issue. But as I get up to leave before the meeting ends I head over and whisper to her, "You knew I had to say something", and she laughs with me.

After the ResourceScout meeting, where we've decided to dissolve the corporation and take a new direction, I'm flooded with text messages from Person M_Fl and Person J_VKPI. Person M_Fl later comes over to visit near 11 pm as he's finishing work. And Person J_VKPI is set to meet us at a club on Saturday night. When Person M_Fl leaves after midnight I cannot fall back asleep so I get up and work on the ResourceScout dissolution paperwork to be filed with the IRS and California FTB.

Just as the Southern California Edison tree trimmers ar arriving on Friday morning (to remove tree branches from near power lines) I'm heading out the door on the road bicycle. I crank out 40 miles for the first long ride of the season and to kick off the first day of spring. I had originally planned on riding the 40 miles up and over the Whiitier Narrows dam, but I do a different ride totalling 40 miles. It's a great ride and I feel stronger than I thought that I would. But the rest of the day is spent doing small errands and relaxing. Late in the afternoon the film "Traffic" comes on. Traffic is my favorite film and I end up sitting through the entirety of it (probably for the first time since it came out in 2001). After the film ends I go walk for 30 minutes and call it a day.

Saturday starts with the extended aquarium mountain bicycle ride when the morning has warmed up a bit. My legs are somewhat tired, but it's still a good ride.

Late on Saturday night I pick up Person T_U and we meet up with Person J_VKPI and his brother at a club in West Hollywood. Both Person J_VKPI and his brother are recovering from the loss of their mother. But it takes time. And it turns out today is Person J_VKPI's birthday. Thus we enjoy the music and enjoy the company. At 2 am Person T_U have to leave because the parking lot closes at 2:30 am - I guess I won't use this parking lot anymore. Eventually I'm in bed for sleep with the lights going off at 3:30 am on Sunday morning.

Sunday morning is wet and very very windy. When the rain subsides the wind stays with us. Thus early n the afternoon I get out for a 60 minute walk - this strong of a wind would prevent a bicycle ride from being any fun at all. And laze around the rest of the day.

On Tuesday I start the day with a long walk, a shower, and a visit to my doctor. It's time for an almost annual physical. I try to twist my doctor into coming on the next building project (probably in Cambodia), but he isn't budginh - he's not coming. I tell the doctor of various symptoms and things going on in my life and we mutually decide on a course of action. I also ask for and receive a hearing test - I probably haven't had a hearing test since I was a kid. (I wanted the hearing test just to see where I'm at in the presence of motorcycle riding and clubbing even though I wear ear plugs for those and other noisy activities.) My hearing is normal - no hearing loss at all. I finally stop in at the lab and give them some blood and head to work. It turns out that people at work have forgotten that I will be very late and they are all worried about what happened to me - people's imaginations always running wild! After work I get in a great session with the weights and then clean up tons of paperwork. And later, as I'm walking from the ATM, I get tingles up and down the spine as I realize that F1 is only two days away!

On Thursday I leave work, get in a heavy session with the weights, and then mow the lawn. The ResourceScout meeting is cancelled and I try to do some site maintenance only to discover the site is entirely down. This has to be related to recent trouble that I've had with my web hosting company. Namely they ask for a new credit card but don't tell me where to enter it, don't respond to emails, and send blanks emails to me. And to top it off, there is no telephone number listed anywhere on their own site. It's time to find a new web hosting company.

Saturday starts with an early morning visit from Person M_Fl on his way to work. When he leaves I watch qualifying for the Australian Grand Prix. We are all stunned by a brand new team taking the first and second qualifying spots (but with the semi-legal rear diffuser in place). But my favorite driver gets third and it will be an interesting race. I get out for the loop ride and I feel good today so I extend it to 35 miles. After a shower I do the laundry and some grocery shopping. In the middle of the afternoon I start driving down towards Irvine to visit Person W_HK. Because both Person W_HK and I have tired legs, we decide not to go hiking and instead just go walking at South Coast Plaza. We're walking near Bloomingdales and we run into Person J_Boeing, her husband, and her three year old daughter. We have an F1-centered conversation and a few other things before we go our separate ways. I eventually head for home and arrive near 9 pm.

Sunday starts with the Australian Grand Prix. Afterwards I procrastinate with trimming buses and cleaning the roses and carnations before heading out for the aquarium bicycle ride. After the ride I am wiped out, so I spend the najority of the afternoon on the couch - reading and watching television. When it is time to go walking I can't answer the call. Instead I continue to stay close to home and occupy myself. And head for bed for reading and sleep very early.

On Monday and Tuesday I have panic meetings at work. During the Tuesday afternoon meeting I express my opinion for what our plan forward should be. My boss comes next and expresses almost exactly the same opinion. The person running the meetings stops the meeting and says, "It sounds like the two of you aren't ont he same page and need to resolve your differences". At this my boss starts laughing. And later I ask my boss what's going on and he says that he thought we had exactly the same opinion. Neither of us can figure out how the person running the meeting came to the conclusion that we are dis-connected.

On both Monday and Tuesday I get in very heavy sessions with the weights. I was going to take some time off from lifting but instead go for two more days to conveniently end the month of March.