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Tuesday, April 1, 2008 10:00 PM


On Wednesday I have an 8 am east coast teleconference. Thus I am out of bed a few minutes after 4am and cruising along between 95 to 100 mph on the motorcycle on the way to the office for the 5 am pacific time start. When I get home I get close to maximum weights while lifting, but I'm not disappoitned. It's a good workout off a short night of sleep. After lifting I clean up the tree branches and make progress on cleaning up the rosebeds.

Thursday isn't very productive at work. I'm looking forward to the start of the three day Easter weekend complete with Malaysian Grand Prix. I get home and lift weights and have a good session except that the joint at the base of left bicep prevents me from lifting as heavy as I intended. Afterwards I mow the lawn, water the lawn, give a listen to my favorite DJ on XM radio, and relax. I also deal with the deluge of phonecalls from Person M_Fl, Person R_U, Person T_U, Person T*, and Person R_CT. And finally I get down for some quiet reading and sleep.

Friday starts out with the loop ride plus a few extra miles to get to an even 30 miles. After some errands are run I relax for a bit and read websites. The acupuncturist helps me out and pretty soon I am back at home. Person M_Fl comes to visit and promptly falls asleep. I guess he needed the rest so I just watch some television until he's rested. We have a nice visit and Person M_Fl is leaving at 7:15 pm.

I'm up near 6 am to watch Malaysian Grand Prix qualifying before the extended loop ride out to 30 miles. Then I do the laundry and visit Tanaka-san to have my lawnmower blade sharpened. I ask where the doggie is that I like to play with when I visit Tanaka-san, but he/she is asleep underneath a workbench and I don't disturb him/her (and don't get to play with the friendly and energetic doggie). Near 2 pm I'm headed out to visit Person R_U. We have a nice long visit and talk about all sorts of topics until I have to leave and rush on home to read and relax.

The Sunday morning ride is difficult because my legs are tired. But I do the aquarium ride and add a bit to make an even 20 miles today. Afterwards I'm on my hands and knees in the dirt to clean up the roses and carnations. And I finally get a nice warm shower to clean up. The Malaysian Grand Prix is not as entertaining as last week's Australian Grand Prix, but it's exciting nonetheless. At mid afternoon I go out skating by the ocean and then, afterwards, sit and watch the volleyball players play for a bit. The rest of the day is spent lounging around because I am tired.

On Monday and Tuesday I struggle through workouts as I'm tired, overtrained, and my left bicep hurts. After each workout I work in the yard to clean up bushes or areas that need some work and then catch up on reading. On Tuesday night the street is all torn up and the water has been cut off to the street for water pipe repair. And later there are many text messages from Person T_M and Person J_VKPI. Thus I am awoken after midnight and cannot fall back asleep.

On Wednesday I make great strides at work on a vibroacoustic analysis and leave when I can take no more. I jump on the mountain bicycle and proceed to do intervals down (with the wind) and back up (against the wind) the Los Angeles river trail. I haven't done intervals for a long, long time and I enjoy the tortuous workout. Towards the end I feel the in my right kidney of the lactic acid building up. Now why is it always the right kidney that shows the discomfort first and strongest? After a shower, during which I almost fall over because I'm so tired and lactic-acided-out, I have chocolate chip cookies to reward myself for the great workout. And, of usual, I have to remove and clean all of the faucet screens after the water repair the previous night gets debris and junk into my water lines.

On Friday I can't wait for the day at work to end. I go home, lift weights for the pull muslce groups with some high repetition sets, mow the lawn, and walk to the grocery store. I buy chocolate chip cookies for the evening. And relax and head for sleep early.

Saturday starts with the loop ride (and a few extra miles to make an even 30 miles). I feel strong and energetic for the entirety of the ride. After doing the laundry and checking a few things out, I head to a mall to buy a couple new shirts. When I get home I eat more chocolate chip cookies - I'm a bit nervous right now. I watch the IRL race from Florida and then call it a night.

On Sunday I get out for the aquarium ride plus a few extra miles to make it an even 20 miles. How could yesterday's ride be so good and today's be so blah? When I get home I start prepping for Monday's doctor appointment. This involves not eating anything for the entire day, taking some pills early in the day, and then drinking some nasty fluid later in the afternoon. The 250cc and MotoGp races from Jerez, Spain are very exciting. The 250cc race is especially wild today: the two breakaway riders are fighting tooth and nail from half distance. Into each corner the rear tires are off the ground, during the corners the bikes are slipping and sliding and bucking wildly, and out of every corner the front tires are off the ground. And, as could be expected, one rider crashes into the other half a lap from the end. But this promotes Yuki to 3rd (as he's beaten to the line at the last second for second).

On Monday I get up, grab a shower, take a bus halfway to my medical center, and walk the remaining distance. I wanted to walk for 30 minutes to relax me. And then I have a colonoscopy. (I turned 50 last August and my Dad had colon cancer at age 68, so it's appropriate to have this done. Granted I don't have the three major risk factors for cancer that my Dad had, namely smoking cigarattes, eating a lot of red meat and saturated fat, and driving a diesel truck for 50 years, but it's the right thing to do.) I don't remember much about the procedure until afterwards when I tell the nurses that I'm going to faint and they see my heart rate down at 36 and my blood pressure ridiculously low. So everyone comes running including the performing doctor and they give me some drugs to get my vital signs back to normal. While being observed for stability every single nurse comes in and saks if I'm a runner. I just respond that I get a ton of exercise and they say that's why my vitals dropped so much. And then I finally get my ride home from Person T_U and lay around for a few hours until I feel that I won't faint. After resting at home for a while I walk to the ATM, the hardware store (for rose fungicide), and Subway. I go and lift weights when I get home and go for high repetition sets. (Of course that's all I'm able to do since I haven't eaten since Saturday night.) And later in the evening, when the demerol and versed has finally completely worn off, I do some reading before calling it an early night.

On Monday night and into Tuesday morning I wake up at 1 am and cannot fall back asleep. Thus I get up to watch television and surf the Internet for a while. I'm laying back down to try for sleep near 3:30 am. On Tuesday, the first of April, I sit in many meetings during the workday. I then rush on home to lift weights and go for a 50 minute walk. Just a couple more workouts and I'll take some time off from lifting to give the joints a chance to rest and recuperate.