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Monday, March 12, 2007 9:00 PM

Early Daylight Savings Time

Thursday is a blah day at work and I end the workweek with a heavy workout for the abdominals and lower back, a long walk to the ATM, and a ResourceScout meeting. The meeting starts late as I play with Joseph and Lisa's kids and we strategize for the upcoming Long Beach city council presentation.

Friday is a cold morning, so I re-arrange my intended schedule to start with re-balancing some investments and then a good hour or so of yard work. This involves mowing and edging the lawn, trimming the side bushes, and cleaning up the remains. As I'm finishing Person M_Fl drives up. I stop the effort, grab a quick rinse in the shower, and have a nice visit with Peson M_Fl before he goes to work. I return to finish cleaning up the sideyard and relaxing before my visit to the acupuncturist. I invite the doctor to be aggressive with my lower back and I eventually leave feeling better. (I'm sure my lower back will be sore on Saturday, as it was last week, but it weill feel better in the long term.) Afterwards I get out for a nice sunny bicycle ride down to the aquarium and back. The remainder of the day is spent reading and relaxing - I'm tired from all of the yardwork and the bicycle ride. After a phone call with Person T_U I am dropping off to sleep a bit after 9 pm.

And wide awake near 1 am. I get up and watch television. "Gameshow", about the game show scandals in the 1950s, is on and I watch that because I've never seen it before. By 4 am I'm heading for sleep.

I'm up at 6:30 am to do the laundry and wait a bit before cycling for the sinshine to warm the air. At about 9:45 I set out for the loop ride. It's a good ride in the warm sun with jus a bit of wind. Later in the afternoon Person C_T comes over as I'm finishing up a one hour nap. We go have dinner and then stop at stores to look at televisions and stereos and end at Borders bookstore. We spend a fair amount of time at Borders before we head for home.

On Sunday we're up and out the door to have breakfast or brunch at a Swedish restaurant. Person C_T helps me move my bed bck into the newly carpeted and baseboarded bedroom and life can pick back up again now. Afterwards Person C_T takes leave and I head out for the aquarium bicycle ride. It's windy and warm, but it's a good ride even if my legs are tired from the two previous days of riding. During the afternoon I work on the site for the Long Beach city council meeting presentation on Tuesday and then I relax for the day.

Monday is an okay day at work as there are only a few meetings to sit through. In the midst of the day I take my motorcycle in for new Dunlop "Qualifier" tires and it's a cute ChiChi who writes up my order. After work I walk back over to the dealer to pick up the motorcycle and after paying, I get the key to the motorcycle. And I tell the cute ChiChi, "You have a cute smile. (Pause for gratitude.) And I like the streaks in your hair". And the ChiChi starts laughing and she sends me on my way. At home I get in a good session with the weights, watch the recorded "Desperate Housewives" from yesterday, and get out for a 30 minute walk before reading near bedtime.

On Tuesday I leave work and head for the Long Beach city council meeting. I arrive early so that I can get a speaker's card and address the council. Except that after I have sgined up, the clerk of the council says that she cannot display a PowerPoint presentation unless it has been approved by the mayor or city manager and that she cannot display our demo via Internet Explorer. Thus I withdraw my speaker request and decide that we need to meet with each city councilperson in order to implement the we have developed at ResourceScout. I give a paper copy of the PowerPoint presentation to my own city councilperson's staff and they both recognize me (and one calls me by my first name). I rush on home and get in a good session with the weights to relieve stress.

Wednesday is another blah day at work. After work I lubricate the chain on the Yamaha YZF-R1, trim another bush, and go walking for 70 minutes to the ATM machine and beyond. And note later that my lottery tickets are not winners - thus I will have to go to work on Thursday morning.

On Friday I head for work early and have to take evasive action on the motorcycle as someone makes a lane change where I currently occupy. It only involves using a few inches of the shoulder of the road and isn't really that close. I wonder if the driver was on the mobile phone at the time?

After work on Friday I see the acupuncturist and note that I am feeling great now. Some of it is the acupuncture, but the progress has been very rapid this week as I've concetrated on an extremely low fat diet - Monday I was near 5 grams of fat for the entire day. And a lowfat diet has always seemed to help my little aches and pains go away. I get in a good session with the weights and a 35 minute walk afterwards. The sessions with the weights are near my maximum but a struggle due to missing muscle glycogen and a reasonable calorie deficit at this time.

The Saturday morning bicycle ride is a struggle because of missing muscle glycogen and blood sugar. But I struggle though it to start the day. Afterwards I run errands that includes recycling eWaste (where two of my city councilperson's staff see me and call me by my first name), doing the laundry, buying household supplies, and buying lottery tickets. The rest of the day is spent reading, relaxing, talking with Person C_T and Person T_U, cleaning up the roses, and taking a long walk. All clocks are set forward for daylight savings time before I head for sleep.

On SUnday I'm a bit lazy, so I do errands around the house before getting out for just the aquarium ride. I still have very little muscle glycogen stored, but I enjoy the ride as I push it a bit near the end when I think that my rear tire is going flat. But it wasn't. I continue to do little paperwork and fix-it tasks around the house as I get more and more nervous as 2 pm approaches. The opening 250cc and MotoGP races from Qatar start at 2 pm and I just cannot wait. As I'm aiting, Person M_C calls and wants to invite me to his wedding in about a year. He's been going out with his boyfriend for 3 months and they are already talking about the wedding. Hmmmm.

Neither the 250cc nor the MotoGP turns out the way that I want. But they both hold my attention. And it's good for racing season to be starting again. After the races I start sorting through stuff in the garage in advance of next weekend's full garage cleaning task. And I get in a good session with the weights. Sunday ends with some reading and relaxing. Though my right eye is starting to hurt from where a bug got into it during Saturday's ride. Could the small bug still be there?

Just before bed my eye hurts really bad and when I look in the mirror and move the eyelids around I see (besides all of the red) a bug. Thus I work the bug out and the eye starts to feel better almost instantaneously. Was the bug really in my eye for 36 hours?

On Monday I pull myself out of bed and get to work. After the first few hours of work I'm bored and just get through the day. After work I have a good session with the weights and then work on some wood trim and painting that needs to get done. Kind of a blah day (except for the workout) way to start daylight savings time.